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A Flash Marriage Can Be A Treasure novel Chapter 1

To Lily’s surprise, exactly on her first wedding anniversary, her husband, Jason Smith, is dating someone else.

No, maybe her husband has been cheating on her and she is keeps in the dark.

She is supposed to be sitting on a plane flying to Munich, but she canceled the flight after thinking twice. She bought a bunch of flowers, a cake and a bottle of wine, for she is ready to give her husband a surprise.

Right now, she is standing behind the door, watching her husband lying on the bed with a young woman, her heart is bleeding.

What a big surprise!

She is waiting for them to finish their “job”.

Lily hears the woman’s voice, and the noise of getting changed.

“Jason, I got divorced. What about you? When are you going to do it? I know that your wife cannot bring you happiness, why not get it done immediately?”

“It is only a matter of time, no need to be hurry.” answers Jason.

He used to believe that love is the only thing needed in his marriage, but for such a long time, Lily refused to have sex with him.

Jason is an ordinary man. He needs to have sex. So, now he is used to looking for another woman to satisfy his desire.

However, it is too soon to get divorced with his wife Lily. He dares not to say it. Most importantly, getting divorced without giving her any compensation remains a problem .

Lily is holding her cellphone, with her heart sinking.

“I have been wondering why Jason does not feel like coming back home, now I do know that he is busy having sex with others.”

Lily remembers that woman. She works in the same company with Jason, and also as his superior.

Jason also mentioned that if he wants to get promotion, he has to flatter that woman.

That is the so called "the way to the promotion”


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