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A Flash Marriage Can Be A Treasure novel Chapter 3

This chick is such a bad actress, everyone can see right through her. But at least, she can help Louis pass the time.

"Lu...Louis.” says Lily. He is stares at her, and his eyes are sharp. He sees through her easily, and he knows her tricks. So, Lily begins to shake, like a rabbit in front of a lion.

But the next second, Louis just lifts her right up in his two arms, Lily is raises up by Louis.

The sense of losing gravity is out of her expectation. His chest is hot, Lily’s nose is full of his smell. Her face turns red quickly, her heart jumping fast.

So directly? Just now he was pretending to be a good man.

“Is your ankle still in pain?” asks Louis in a warm voice.

"Eh, much better now.” Lily swallows a saliva.

She is busy looking at his profile and surprisingly his face looks fantastic.

“What the hell is he thinking?”

She is confused.

Right after she is put on a car, she comes to realize what is going on, but now she wants to speak out, but Louis says to the driver, "Silver International Hotel, please.”

“What, Silver? It is the five-star hotel in this city.

After getting into the top luxury suite, Louis throws her right on the bed, and he turns around and gets into the bathroom. One minute later, Lily comes back on her feet and realizes that it is actually real.

She really hooked up on Jason’s uncle, now they are in a hotel room.

She believes it is much easier that she thinks.

“Maybe there is a trap?”

But she does not have time to think a lot.

She remembers every scene when she comes across Louis, and feels a little embarrassed, and after a few drinks, she is not afraid of what it going to happen next, and she even looks forward to it now.


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