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A Life Debt Repaid novel (John and Cordy) novel Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Regardless, none of them would admit it.

“Thank you,” Cordy flashed a tender smile at Richard before turning to Mandy. “Pay up.”

Mandy’s cheeks were alternating in color

Cordy had actually put it on! How?!

“A bet’s a bet. What, going to renege on it already?” Cordy sneered

Mandy’s teeth were gnashing–she just had to make the bet in front of so many people.

She could not afford to humiliate herself by reneging!

“How much for the gown?” she growled.

“It’s 1.3 million dollars, Ms. Jessop,” a store assistant replied.

“What?!” Mandy thought she was hearing things.

Most designer brands would cost a few hundred grand at most, but that gown cost 1.3 million?!

“The dress was completely handmade in Franconia, and every part of the design was made to specifications. The 500 diamonds encrusted on it were in turn sewn by hand by our best tailor,” the store assistant explained, while showing her the invoice. “The pricing was also charged according to official rates. Please take a look, Ms. Jessop.”

Mandy’s face was green–she would never have bought herself a dress so expensive, let alone buy it for Cordy for free!

Wheeling on Cordy, she demanded, “Where did you get the money for such an expensive gown?!”

Cordy had expected the gown to be expensive, but not cost over a million dollars!

Still, she remained composed as she said. “That’s my business. You just have to keep your promise to pay for it, and I’ll pack it up and leave.”


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