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Accidental love II novel Chapter 78

When the car was about to reach the gate of the Clinton’s, Vincent looked out of the car window and saw the petite figure standing in front of the gate at a glance.

Janice wore an elegant dress, which outlined her small waist and slender legs. Her fair face was so gorgeous. Her black ponytail fell on the collarbone. The sharp contrast made her skin look fairer.

She craned her neck to look outside, frowning. She bit her lower lip tightly and kept rubbing the corners of her clothes. Her delicate face was filled with unconcealable anxiety.

Then she spotted the car at the first moment. Her eyes lit up. Then she run to the car.

"Marcus, I didn't expect Janice to be agile. When she saw your car, she ran like an Olympic champion." Vincent said half-jokingly.

Marcus smiled more brightly. He raised his chin slightly, and replied proudly, "Of course, she’s my wife."

The car door was opened slowly.

A cold and familiar face slowly came into Janice's view. She felt that the lonely feeling of emptiness was immediately filled.

"Marcus." She called his name softly.

"Janice, have you waited for a long time?" A gentle and warm voice came into her ears.

At the moment when Marcus heard her voice, he felt so happy.

Janice stared at Marcus unblinkingly, confirming that there was no obvious trauma on his body, and he didn’t look like he was tortured. Then she felt at ease and relieved.

"Marcus, did the police embarrass you?"

"Did they torture you and rough you up?"

"Why do they suspect that you are the murderer?"

"Will they take you away for interrogation again?"


Janice asked a lot of questions in a row. Finally, she felt that she couldn’t breathe, then she stopped asking and took a big breath.

"Janice, which one should I answer first?" Marcus' tone of voice was extremely gentle. He always kept a smile on his face.


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