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Accidental Surrogate for Alpha novel Chapter 497

Chapter 497- Bonded Power Ella

I give Ariel one last kiss for luck and exhale a deep breath, focusing my eyes on Henry as I lean back against my mate, who wraps a supportive arm around me.

“Actually, Ella,” Cora says, and my eyes dart to her. She smiles and me from across the couch, her arms wrapped around her baby on her lap. ” I’m the one who has news first.”

“Oh,” I say, my eyes going wide as I shift a little to direct my attention to her now. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know – ”

She shakes her head, dismissing my apology as Roger comes to perch on the arm of the couch behind her. She reaches up a hand and he takes it, giving her a little squeeze.

“Um, we contacted mom this morning,” she says quietly, apology all over her face. “To…to ask about what the Dark God could have possibly been up to. I’m sorry we did it without you – I know you would have wanted to be there -”

“No,” I breathe, even though I am a little disappointed. “I mean, I wouldn’t have been able to see her anyway, right?”

“Yeah,” she says, cocking her head to the side. “Unless we go to the temple, it is sort of a…one-on-one experience, isn’t it?”

“But we can go,” Sinclair murmurs behind me, supportive, “if we don’t get the answers you need – ”

“It’s okay,” I say, nodding to everyone around the room. “I get it – you don’t need to be so gentle with me. I was completely knocked out from giving birth and we needed information fast. It’s okay. So…” I flick my fingers at my sister, smiling at her. “Please, divulge. I’m dying to know.”

“Well,” Cora says, laughing a little and glancing up at Roger. “Mom was not happy to hear that her boyfriend visited you.”

“Really?” I gasp, a little delighted at the immortal gossip.

“Really,” Cora confirms, her eyes going wide as a grin overtakes her face. “She figured that he knew about you, but she had no idea that he’d go so far as to bestow a gift on the baby behind her back.”

“Behind her back,” I repeat, shaking my head. “Wow. So? Did she say it was… dangerous?”

“She said that he didn’t have the balls to go that far,” Cora says, laughing and giving a little shrug. “Or, well, those weren’t her precise words – but that was the sentiment. That he’s just trying to get her attention and let her know that he’s pissed – but that he knows better than to truly mess with her lineage.”

“So,” I say, looking down at little Ariel who lays cuddled in my arms, drowsy but idly kicking her little feet. “It really was a gift?”

“Mom doesn’t know what it was,” Cora says, shaking her head. “But she… she said she can’t make him take it back, Ells. That immortal gifts they’re not like…presents you can return or regift. They become part of us.”

“That makes sense,” I sigh, hoisting my baby up closer. “Well, at least we know it’s not…bad.”

“Which doesn’t mean it’s good,” Sinclair grumbles behind me. Clearly, he wanted better news.

“There is some precedence,” Henry says, leaning forward in his chair and studying the baby as best he can. “The texts are old, but there are some that report on gifts given by both the Goddess and the Dark Lord. What is interesting is that they seem to be reliable – there is one text in particular that speaks of a Goddess-given gift of healing that sounds quite a bit like yours, Ella,” he says, raising his eyebrows at me.

“Oh,” I say, perking up a little. “Well, that’s interesting. Would I be able to read that?”

“I’ll have it translated,” Henry says nodding, “and sent to you as soon as possible.”

“And what were some of the ‘gifts’ the Dark God has given?” Sinclair asks, his voice heavy and dubious on the word ” gift.”

“He doesn’t give everyday gifts like the Goddess does – her interests have always been more domestic, for lack of a better word. She deals with the heart and the home – assigning mates, healing the body, changing the weather to ensure good crops.” He nods to Cora and I as he lists our gifts and I turn my head, because he’s right – while Cora and I have used them in much different ways, they do seem to be gifts that could be used to build a family and keep it safe in hard times.

“And the dark god?” Sinclair presses, his voice a little annoyed in his anxiety now.

“He,” Henry says, shifting his eyes to his son now, “prefers…more sweeping magics. Not things that can or should be used every day. Things that…change the world.”

A shiver runs through me at this and I find myself holding my breath as I look down at my little girl.

“Change the world?” Sinclair asks, going tense behind me.

“The text reports that he once gave a man the gift of eclipse, allowing him to hold the moon’s shadow before the sun for days on end, only relenting when his enemies collapsed to his demands.”

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