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Charming Lady Hard To Chase After Being Dumped novel Chapter 28

Pete wanted to tell the truth, but if Nora were to know the truth now, she would definitely take him and his sister away and leave their father here alone.

Although he was always going against the tyrant, Justin was nonetheless still a qualified father.

He still remembered how the tyrant would always bring him to work and all his meetings when he was a baby...

Seeing that Mommy was about to sign the agreement, in that split second, Pete suddenly picked up the glass of milk next to him and splashed it all on the papers! Nora had only written a word when the milk soaked through the papers.

The ink immediately ran, obviously invalidating the agreement.

Henry cursed angrily, "What are you doing, you little bastard?"

Pete held the glass with an innocent look and replied, "My hand slipped..."

Upon hearing his reply, Angela stepped forward angrily and raised her hand immediately.

"You little bastard, you did that on purpose! I'm going to kill you!"

Nora bent over, picked him up, and held him protectively in her arms.

With a sinister look, she snapped, "How dare you!"

Lisa braced herself and held Angela back.

"I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose, Angela..." Irene also stretched out her arm anxiously.

"What are you being serious with a five-year-old for, Henry? It's just a contract.Just print another copy!"

Henry was terribly furious.

He was just about to get his hands on the agreement, but a five-year-old had actually ruined everything! Wendy gnashed her teeth in fury.

However, she managed to stay more rational and she ordered, "Go back to the Smiths and reprint the agreement"

Nora narrowed her eyes.

She looked at her daughter in her arms and said, "I'm sending Cherry back to the hotel first."

Even if it was for the sake of finding her son, there was no way she would let her daughter come to any harm.

Henry sneered, "Heh, you sure are being rather protective of a little girl who isn’t even worth a few dollars.We'll wait for you at the Smiths."

Nora walked out with Pete in her arms.

Wendy pushed Angela lightly and said, "Take the car and follow your sister to the hotel, Angela.Your dad and I will take a cab back home.’’

 Angela stomped her foot and demanded, "Mom, why?"

Wendy lowered her voice and replied, "What if she doesn't come over after returning to the hotel? Go and keep tabs on her.’’

 Only then did Angela finally realize what she meant and hurriedly chased after Nora.

On the way to the hotel, Pete sat in the car's back seat, his eyes cast downward in deep thought.

He had only temporarily interrupted Mommy from signing the agreement just now.

If he wanted to destroy the baddies’ plans, he'd need to think of another solution.

He quietly picked up his cell phone and sent a text message to Cherry: "Cherry, are you there? It's urgent!"

Cherry replied very quickly: "I'm here! What's up?"

With his eyes downcast, Pete continued to send her messages: "Use Daddy's cell phone and send an anonymous email to Mommy.Do it fast! The email's content is...Nora's cat-like eyes were slightly downcast.

She looked unperturbed, but in truth, waves had long been churning in her heart, and she felt awfully restless.

Would her father really tell her where her son was after she signed the agreement? She was still thinking about it when her cell phone suddenly vibrated.

She picked it up casually, but after glancing at it, she suddenly froze.

An anonymous email lay quietly in her mailbox.

There were only a few words in the email: "I know your son's whereabouts.Don't sign the agreement.The look in Nora’s eyes immediately turned cold.Who had sent her the email? She placed the phone horizontally in her lap.

Her two cool, pale, and slender fingers quickly tapped away on it as she tried to track the sender's location.

Suddenly, her eyes widened in shock and her hands abruptly drew back.

That was so close! It was fortunate that she had stopped in time.

A little more and her cell phone would have been forcefully shut down and rendered useless.


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