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Daddy, Mommy had been in Prison novel Chapter 630

Adam smiled at Vanessa.

"Of course you can. But I need some time to make an arrangement. Don't you need to prepare something? I will get ready when you are ready. Let’s go after everything is ready."

After saying that, Adam turned around and walked towards the door. Vanessa didn't stop him this time.

She clenched her fists and felt inexplicably nervous.

She didn't know if it was because she was going to see the baby, or for some other reason, her heart beat so fast.

Elsie came over and held her sister's hand.

"Sister, don't worry. Adam is a reliable man. He also helped us to save you back this time. Of course, when I asked him for help at that time, I didn’t know he was also involved. But thanks to his help, we brought you back."

"So that’s the case. But why are you so familiar with him? How much does this matter have to do with him?"

Before Vanessa could ask Elsie what had happened after her disappearance, Elsie took her sister's hand and sat down. Then she told Vanessa everything after her disappearance, like the engagement of Alfred and Princess Anna, the plan of the Chow family, and the deal with Svero.

After she told Vanessa all these things, Vanessa smiled bitterly.

"Alfred still doesn't understand why I won’t go back to him again. He has been using lies to maintain our relationship. He thinks that everything will be fine as long as he keeps me with him. He has never thought of other ways to maintain our relationship. How did he become like this? Does love mean mutual respect?"

"Sister, don't think about him anymore. People will change. Some people will become better, and some will become worse. Maybe his best look is just in the past. That's normal. My worst look is also in the past. If I didn't meet you, I might be like that all my life."

Sometimes when Elsie thought about her own life, she felt that meeting her sister and Georgia was the turning point in her life.

Because if they hadn’t come to save her, she would have even become the most shameless one among all of those people.

To earn more money and get more food, she would have lived shamelessly just like that.

But destiny was nice to her because she could meet her family and friends.

"Elsie, you are a good girl. I don’t think you were bad. Let's pack up our things now. I haven't seen that child before. Now I have two children. As long as they grow up healthily, I will have nothing to worry about all my life."

Vanessa asked after she said that.

"What happened later? Why did Adam get involved in this matter? You and Georgia must have found a way to save me. How did Adam get involved? Did he join you voluntarily?"


Elsie held her sister's hand and smiled.

"The deal between Princess Anna and the Chow family involved the issue of weapon trade, so later we decided to take this opportunity. It was the reason why their cooperation was unbreakable. But if we could give them the same offer, the king and the princess would naturally choose us. Wilson happens to know Adam. The person you know is Mr. Kerr, while the person we know is called Adam."

"They are the same person. You haven't heard of Adam's name. He is being wanted by counties all over the world because he is a big weapon seller. But meanwhile, he has a good relationship with many small countries, because he can sell them weapons that they can't buy in other markets. This was the reason why the king decided to stand on our side and why Princess Anna finally gave in and let you go. Adam came here to help us because he and Wilson are Damon and Pythias. He sold many weapons to the king. That’s the case.”

"So that’s his other identity?"

Vanessa was surprised. Such a life was beyond her imagination.

However, ever since she had been entangled with Alfred, her peaceful life had become more and more unstable. Now she was actually involved with such a mysterious and powerful person.

She suddenly thought of the child she hadn't ever seen. Did it mean that the child would also be in great danger in the future?


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