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Daddy, Mommy had been in Prison novel Chapter 633

Vanessa walked to Adam and asked out excitedly.

"Who else can he be? This little kid is picking on me. But as long as he's comfortable, he smiles at you all the time. I don't know who he inherited this character from."

"Can I hold him?"

Vanessa felt her palms tremble. She did not look at Adam. Her eyes were fixed on the little boy in the stroller.

She hadn't seen him ever since he was born. And now when she finally saw him again, she actually felt scared.

"As long as he likes you, he will smile at you when you hold him in your arms. You can hold him, of course. You are his mother. I will not keep you away from him, although things don’t work between us."

Elsie could not help looking up and smiling at Adam gratefully as she stretched out her hands and then caressed the little boy.

"Cluck, cluck, cluck ......"

Jay actually laughed joyfully at Vanessa and even stretched out his hands for a hug.

Vanessa's tears immediately came out. She stretched out her hands to hold him in her arms. And he allowed it and kept giggling.

"Vanessa, he likes you."

Elsie walked over and spoke excitedly. Jay also giggled at Elsie.

"He likes me too. But I look exactly the same as you, Vanessa. He should like me."

Elsie grinned and looked at Sam in her arms.

"Sam, this is the younger brother."

After saying that, Elsie spoke up in confusion.

"Am I correct? Sam is the elder brother, and JJ is the younger brother. Right?"

Adam laughed from behind.

"You're right. It’s just one month of difference. It looks like JJ does like you two. You are his mother, and you are his sister-in-law. He’s smart. He knows you are his family. He will do something big when he grows up."

Elsie and Vanessa played with Jay. After a while, Jay looked at Sam and giggle.

Sam was a bit bewildered. But once he saw the same face as himself, he laugher immediately.

They even played together. What a harmonious moment it was!

"Vanessa, I'll take some video and photos. Georgia must want to see JJJ. You hold him, and I'll take pictures."

Elsie spoke, and Vanessa sat down with Jay in her arm. And then, Elsie gave her Sam. Vanessa held him as well.

Next, Elsie took a few steps back and started taking videos and photos with her phone.

After shooting for a while, she was satisfied and spoke up.

"You don’t say. These two brothers look exactly the same in the picture. They are just like my kid, for we also look alike. Vanessa, we are twins. If they have your gene, they have mine too. I feel like I haven’t given birth to any kids, but I already have one. My kids will be like them. I guess."

"Yes. They look just like you. And they are your kids too. Elsie, they will certainly also be filial to you in the future."

The two sisters were so happy, and they quite enjoyed the moment. They played with the two boys for a long. And the two boys were giggling at them all the time.

Wilson came over and spoke.

"Let's have some food. I am starving. You two can play with them as long as you want after dinner."

"Vanessa, Wilson is right. Let’s have some food first. We can play with them later."

Vanessa nodded and put the babies back in the stroller.

The two boys sat on the strollers, which were kept beside the dining table. All of them sat at the dining table and were ready for the meal.

All of a sudden, several maids started serving them dishes.


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