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Even After Death novel (Olivia and Ethan) novel Chapter 16

Before the meeting, Olivia put on some makeup for a healthier complexion. Looking at the flurry of snow out there, she wrapped herself up in layers of clothes for warmth.

After chemo, her physical functions, which included her immune system, had deteriorated, and her body was as brittle as glass. She had to test her complete blood count for the ratio between her red and white blood cells every two days.

If the ratio dipped below average, she would need to take medicine to boost it. Otherwise, her life would be in danger if she caught any illness because of how she was immunocompromised.

She’d rather be safe than sorry and pick warmth over style. After touching the thinned hair at the back of her head, she carefully put on a black beanie.

Keith wasn’t keen about Olivia going out and protested, “Olivia, you’re not in a condition to leave home. You did the complete blood count test yesterday, and your ratio is below average. As your leading physician, I’m responsible for your health.”

Olivia pleaded with misty eyes, “Keith, no one wants to show up in front of an ex looking miserable. I just want to part ways with him when I still look decent.”

He recalled the furtive manner she hid the hair on her pillow and sighed. “Just stay warm.”

“I’m only finalizing the divorce. It’ll be quick.”

“I’ll drop you off.”

This time around, she did not turn down his help. She was too preoccupied with getting the divorce done as soon as possible.

Checking her messages in the car, she came across one from Everly, whose boyfriend flew home in an attempt to save the relationship and even made a scene at her workplace. Everly had no choice but to take a long leave to avoid his harassment.

That explained why she was nowhere to be seen for the past few days.

Much to Olivia’s surprise, Ethan sent her a bunch of text messages as well, and in some of them, he resorted to threatening her with Jeff’s wellbeing if she did not reply to him. She dismissed his actions as his urgency in seeking a divorce, which she’d soon grant him.

At the same time, the private detective Lee Coover did his job and sent files he’d organized to Olivia. The information showed that Jeff had been very close with Jodie Ferguson because he spent a third of his time meeting up with her monthly.

Surveillance footage captured him staying the night at Jodie’s place frequently. Not only that, he transferred money to her on multiple occasions and even registered a car worth a million dollars under her name.

Olivia was rather disturbed by the information. The interest that Jeff showed in Jodie and the amount of money he sent her were inappropriate. It was odd for a wealthy middle-aged man to show such concern for a female who was young enough to be his daughter.

On one hand, Olivia acknowledged that Jeff, who did not remarry, needed his needs met after her mom abandoned them, and she never questioned him on that. Just like other children, she revered her dad.

Even when she knew that Jeff had his desires, she couldn’t picture him sleeping with that young woman. From then on, her opinion of him changed a little.

Since Jodie was dead and Jeff was in a coma, Olivia had no choice but to assume they were lovers. Given that Jeff had always been kind and generous, he must have cared for and doted on Jodie, who was way younger than him. Logically, he wouldn’t have hurt the young lady.

If so, why would Ethan want revenge against the Fordhams?

Lee proved his capability with the extensive information he gathered within three days. Olivia paid part of the deposit and asked him to look into Jodie’s cause of death.

After staring at the phone for a while, she felt a little nauseous, her head filled with images of the surveillance footage.

Before this, she had faith in her dad’s moral character, but after viewing the footage, she started having doubts.


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