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Even After Death novel (Olivia and Ethan) novel Chapter 1659

Wayne's expression fell as if he had heard a joke. "Dr. Fordham, are you kidding me?"

Olivia appeared serious. "Do you think I'd joke about something serious?"

She wasn't that kind of person. However, Wayne couldn't fully trust her. She had lied to him twice!

"Once my curse is lifted, we can figure this out. Take a DNA test, and we'll know the truth." Olivia walked away with Willow in her arms.

Wayne was left all alone in confusion.

Olivia's words kept ringing in his ears. "You and Ethan are cousins."

He couldn't believe it. Wayne and Ethan had been fighting with each other for half of their lives. They had even nearly killed each other. Not once, but several times!

Now, Olivia was telling him that he had been trying to murder his family.

When Alan and Ike showed up, they saw Wayne's blank face. His eyes were widened as he stood still at the same spot.

Alan nudged at his brother. "Is he caught off-guard by the rejection or what?"

"How many times do I have to tell you that it's useless? Even though she's divorced, look at how many kids she has. She even had them after the divorce. Who would have kids with their ex-husband if they've fallen out of love? Not to mention that she has four!

"She has never once gotten over Ethan. What does this make Mr. Maxwell?" Ike had always been blunt with his words.

He crossed his arms and continued, "A peacock that got ahead of itself. And he made fruit yogurt? Wow, this has to be the joke of the universe!"

Alan glared at him. "Hush it, Ike! No wonder you've been single for years. No one will ever fall for you because of your sharp tongue."

Ike snorted. "So what if you know how to sweet talk? You're single too. Stop saying like you're any different."

Feeling helpless, Alan decided not to fight with his brother. He would never win verbally.

He came up to Wayne. "Mr. Maxwell, what are you standing there for? Did Dr. Fordham reject you?"

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