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Even After Death novel (Olivia and Ethan) novel Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Olivia and Ethan couldn’t avoid reality forever. Hence, Ethan had decided to completely give up on her.

However, Olivia had also made her own decision. Olivia smiled gently at Erent and said, “I’m sorry, please tell Mr. Miller that I Tegret f.”

Brent couldn’t understand them. At first, Ethan was determined to divorce, then it was Olivia. Now that Ethan agreed, Olivia changed her mind again.

What game were they playing?

If it were Kelvin, he would have started complaining long ago, but Brent’s expression remained unchanged. With business- like composure, he answered, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Miller. I can’t make the final decision. I hope that you will come with me.”

“I won’t make things difficult for you. Let’s go,” Olivia answered.

She had already anticipated that. Hence, she wrapped herself tightly in a scarf before following Brent out the door.

Whenever they were about to get divorced, unexpected incidents would occur. This time, however, things went surprisingly smoothly. Even the snowstorm from a few days ago had stopped, and it was now sunny.

After the snowstorm, the temperature remained low despite the bright sunshine. It melted the accumulated snow on the treetops, causing it to drip down from the branches.

When Olivia arrived, Ethan was already waiting there. There was no one else in the hall but him. He was sitting cross–legged with his eyes half–closed. He looked exhausted and was rubbing his temples. Ethan was weary, but sleep eluded him.

When Olivia drew closer to him, she detected the faint scent of alcohol on him.

wasn’t a drinker in the past, but now he always had to have alcohol at night.

inly, without any warning, two small hands landed on his temples, and with them came a familiar massage technique the scent of hand cream.

Opening his eyes, he said, “You’re here.”

Olivia hummed back in response. Neither of them spoke further. It felt like time had turned back. In the past, she always soothed him when he was weary.


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