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Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness novel Chapter 11

"Mr. Nelson, it's very late right now. Let's go back so that you can have a rest. You can come back later. Don't worry. Miss Yulia will be well taken care of by others now," said the butler. Gavin knew that Nelson was not only sympathizing with Melinda, but also a little angry so he tried to calm him down and get him out of the hospital.

"Alright, let's go,"

Nelson said coldly, without even glancing at Yulia. He was obviously very disappointed, and Yulia bit her lips in hesitation since she didn't know how to appease him.

She felt very hurt and wondered how her grandfather would treat Melinda better than he treated his own granddaughter? Was it because she was the daughter of a mistress?

Yulia hated her identity.

Hearing that Yulia would be staying in hospital for some time, Melinda fell quiet and more agitated than before. If it weren't for her injuries and need for more time to recover, she would have moved out a long time ago.

Nelson had always been kind to Melinda and cared about her wellbeing. After being informed of her altercation with Yulia, he apologized profusely to her and even scolded Jonas fiercely faulting him for what had happened although Jonas wasn't there.

Jonas hadn't been home for the last three days and Nelson just kept getting angry with each passing day as he wondered where his grandson was. Melinda on the other hand was as cool as a cucumber and appeared rather relaxed. She was not bothered at all by his absence.

"Mr. Jonas, welcome back," the old butler said gently as he bowed low with a secret smile.

"Your grandfather has been missing you for the last few days. He must be very happy to see that you are back. Mrs. Gu is also looking forward to your return."

'Melinda? Looking forward to my arrival? Heaven will freeze over before that woman has any feelings towards me,'

Jonas snorted in his mind, although he didn't say anything.

Melinda's hand paused midair, and then as if she recovered quickly and remembered her situation, she continued to eat calmly. If it were before, she would stop what she was doing and greet him enthusiastically.

But now things were different.

Jonas took off his suit jacket as usual, expecting someone to take care of it, but nobody held it for him. Seeing that Melinda was sitting in her place, steady as a mountain, he threw the jacket on the sofa irritably.

"You finally remembered to come back!"

Nelson snorted. He was throwing daggers at his grandson with his eyes, expressing his obvious disapproval and annoyance with Jonas's behavior. He looked at Melinda apologetically, only to find that she didn't even spare his grandson a glance. He was puzzled when he realized she was behaving as if Jonas was nonexistent.


Since Jonas had always respected his grandpa, he greeted him even though Nelson was in a bad mood and clearly expressed his displeasure with Jonas. The servant quickly added a pair of chopsticks and a bowl, while Melinda put down the chopsticks she was using and wiped her mouth gracefully.

"I'm full, Grandpa, please enjoy your meal and have a good night."

Smiling, Melinda stood up and left, completely ignoring Jonas. Since Jonas was in a bad mood at being treated as if he was an invisible door post, his cold voice seemed to be able to freeze people.


Melinda stopped in her tracks, but did not turn around, nor did she answer.

"Don't you have anything to say?" Melinda was confused by his strange question. "I don't think we have anything to talk about apart from our divorce," she said with a snarky smile.

There was a weird atmosphere in the air that made everyone else uncomfortable. Nelson didn't know what to do to ease the awkwardness, but Melinda seemed unmoved and kept calm.

Nelson was amused by her response and ability to put Jonas in his place. He was especially amused when he saw the expression of wide-eyed shock on his grandson's face.

"I have something urgent to deal with at the company. I'll go back to the company first."

Then Jonas picked up his jacket from the sofa and quickly walked out of the house. He seemed to be running away. Nelson couldn't help laughing and said to the butler, "Why am I so comfortable in this weird situation?"

In fact, Jonas had been misunderstood; he wasn't trying to find an excuse to ask to leave. The company really had an emergency. Reporters were gathered at the entrance of the company, some even hiding and squatting around the building hoping to get firsthand information.

Despite the huge number of reporters, Jonas had his own way and within a short time he had gotten rid of the reporters. When he returned to his office, the PR manager was waiting for him with a bitter expression on his face.

"Mr. Gu, the impact of this matter on the business is too great. We have tried our best to manage and contain the situation, but it keeps getting out of hand," the PR manager said in a trembling voice. The most difficult issue they had to deal with, was the vicious rumors and gossip that were being peddled about their CEO. They feared and didn't know how he would handle it.

"If you are putting in so much effort, then why do our stock prices keep plummeting?"

Jonas narrowed his eyes and turned his head giving everyone a rigid, cold, burning hard stare. When he spoke, his voice was as cold as icicles and everyone felt a cold chill travel down their spines. When the PR manager heard Jonas's words, he took a big gulp of air and swallowed what he wanted to say.

Making up an excuse in front of this devil was the perfect way to have a fast death.

"Mr. Gu, Miss Holley is here to see you," the secretary told Jonas, looking annoyed and distracted.

He was annoyed by Holley's behavior. She was like a fly that kept buzzing around and difficult to get rid of.

"Tell her that I don't want to see her."

Jonas immediately refused to see her without even thinking twice about it. It was because of Holley's actions that nasty rumors had been spreading, which put the company in the situation they currently were in. It was all because a shameless reporter had witnessed Holley dragging him to the hotel and wrote an unsubstantiated article about their relationship. Holley's studio was also not being helpful by milking the publicity and hyping the whole issue to their advantage.

Jonas was a married man and the public would judge him harshly. The company's image was affected badly by this incident. The public relations crisis and the stock market decline in prices greatly annoyed Jonas.

"She said there was something important she wanted to discuss with..." The secretary summoned up the courage to continue his statement, not wanting to get into trouble. However, before he could finish delivering his message, Jonas threw a cold glance at him, essentially shutting him up. He shrank his neck, turned around silently and pretended to concentrate on work.


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