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Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness novel Chapter 26

Kent shrugged helplessly. He knew that once his mother made her mind, there was nothing in the world that could change her decision. Or perhaps, Kent was hiding behind his mother's determination, as his heart yearned for Melinda to accept the jade bracelet.

"Don't you like us?" Janet asked nervously.

Although their family was making financial progress because of Kent, Janet knew that some girls were demanding. They looked for financial security before taking any big decision.

Janet could understand Melinda's concern. If she was bothered by their social status, there wasn't much Janet could do. She knew that Melinda deserved the best and would only wallow about her loss.

Janet looked dejected but tried her best not to show it out. Melinda's cheeks turned red and she didn't know how to explain to Janet that she wasn't in love with her son.

"I didn't mean that. I..." Melinda slumped her shoulders and blew out a loud breath. She was at a loss of words. She knew that Janet wouldn't understand no matter how much she explained.

"Well, if you didn't mean that, why don't you accept it?" Janet asked curiously.

Melinda decided to accept the bracelet to make her happy. She could later give it back to Kent after his parents left. She finally nodded and accepted the bracelet. Janet's face beamed with happiness.

She was happy that Melinda had spent the whole day with them. She and Charles felt that Melinda was the right match for Kent. "Kent, it's up to you now. Don't do anything stupid and drive her away," Janet threatened.

She had fulfilled her responsibility as a mother-in-law by passing on the heirloom to Melinda. It was now Kent's job to impress Melinda and get her married to him as soon as possible.

Kent smiled awkwardly. He knew that things weren't as rosy as they seemed to be. His parents were blissfully unaware of Melinda's complicated mind and he didn't have the heart to break their happy bubble.

Charles and Janet were happy. They had planned to go out and spend time with Kent and Melinda.

A City was a commercial city bustling with people. There were many touristic spots and the most famous of them all was the amusement park.

But Charles and Janet were too old to indulge in fun activities. Therefore, Kent and Melinda decided to go to the museum. They could go mountain climbing in the countryside as well.

Melinda was traumatized to plan outdoor activities. She seldom went out to have fun when she was married to Jonas. Even if she did, she would fall prey to Yulia's wicked plans. So, Kent planned everything without bothering Melinda.

He knew what she had gone through.

Melinda didn't understand her true strength until she met Jonas. She loved him with all her heart. She was fearless and ready to do anything to win his heart. Unfortunately, their story ended even before it started.

Janet was happy that Melinda was willing to spend time with them. But she didn't want to disturb the "couple", so she quickly made an excuse to leave.

Kent took them to the shopping mall and bought a lot of things for them. Charles and Janet were fussing over Melinda and she was overwhelmed by their love.

Melinda breathed a sigh of relief when she saw them leave. She couldn't be herself around them. The guilt was consuming her. They had accepted her as their daughter-in-law and were showering her with love.

But she didn't deserve any of it, for she and Kent weren't in love.

Once Charles and Janet were out of sight, Melinda removed the jade bracelet and gave it to Kent. The bracelet carried the heaviness of guilt and deceit. Kent's heart sank but he managed to smile at Melinda.

"I'm sorry. I know that you're having a hard time dealing with my mother. She's been constantly nagging you." Kent smiled apologetically. But he was secretly thankful to his mother for creating the perfect opportunity for him to spend time with Melinda.

"It's okay. Your mom is cute."

Melinda smiled. Although Janet was caring and sweet, her vivacity made Melinda uncomfortable at times.

Kent was aware of it. Melinda's helplessness was evident in her eyes but he never talked about it because he knew that Melinda would find an excuse to stay away from them. He was enjoying her company and didn't want to put an end to it.

"Shall we go to the riverside for a walk?"

Kent asked.

"Okay," Melinda agreed.

She wanted to go for a walk as well. The fresh air would take her mind off the things that had been bothering her lately. Melinda's coat was flimsy and Kent took off his coat and slipped it across her shoulders.

"Thank you," Melinda said, hugging herself.

She was already weak, so she didn't stop Kent. She didn't want to fall sick again. The wind was strong by the riverside. It was playing with Melinda's hair and her heart instantly felt light. The sound of water and the serenity of the night sky seemed to lift her spirits.

Kent's heart skipped a beat when he looked at Melinda. Her tousled hair and flustered cheeks due to the cold made her look prettier. He loved spending every minute with her.

"Stop... Somebody help me! He has taken my bag!" a woman screamed.

Melinda snapped her head and saw a man running towards them. Kent immediately pulled Melinda to the side and thwarted the robber.

The robber's eyes widened with shock as he pulled out a knife from his pocket.

Melinda covered her mouth with her hand in surprise. She realized that the robber could use her to distract Kent, so she snuck to the other side and called the police.

A City was a thriving place and it was easy for the police to arrive immediately.

Although Kent looked like a puny nerd, he was adept at self-defense. But the robber was stronger than he was.

Seeing Kent struggle with the robber, the people who were hesitant in the beginning came forward to help. A group of people managed to hold him down.

The police arrived soon and took the robber away. No one was hurt but Kent's forearm was bleeding. The knife had pierced his skin and the blood continued to ooze out, staining his shirt. Melinda squealed in fear and grabbed his arm.


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