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Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness novel Chapter 31

Before they broke up, Melinda only had Jonas in her heart. There was nothing she wouldn't do for him and for the Gu family. It was hard to even remember when was the last time she had lived for no one else but herself.

Recently, she had been living a nice and unrestrained life. However, she constantly found herself feeling lost. Emptiness often overruled her heart. Melinda believed that once she left, nothing bad would happen to her anymore. But, once night fell and everything became quiet, she couldn't help but feel sorrow.

Despite this, she was determined not to be bullied and taken advantage of.

She had a stronger sense of self-worth, and felt quite empowered when she and Jonas had broken up.

Meanwhile, Jonas was a little surprised that Melinda would make a condition like that. After thinking it over, he nodded in agreement. 'I'm just doing this to please Grandpa after all,' he thought to himself.

"Very well. I wish us a pleasant cooperation, my dear ex-husband,"

Melinda said with a smile. The way her lips curved up was just the same as Jonas remembered five years ago. Her eyes, however, were dull and indifferent. Even though she looked the same on the surface, Melinda had truly grown into a different person.

Jonas didn't say anything about this title. There was nothing he cared about at the moment other than achieving his goal. The remarriage procedure could be easily arranged, and Jonas hurriedly left to get it started. Since Melinda was not in a hurry, she just sat back and took a deep breath to clear her head.

'This might be harder than our first marriage,' Melinda sighed to herself. 'I can do this. I just have to stay focused.'

Not long after Jonas left, Kent arrived. Before Melinda could react, he pulled up a chair across from her and sat down.

"Are you okay?"

Kent asked in a low voice. Actually, he was a little regretful. Because of his selfish motives, he arranged for Melinda and Jonas to meet. It was so that Melinda could have a chance to finally get closure from Jonas. What Kent didn't expect was that their meeting would actually bring the two back together.

"I'm fine, Kent."

The drink she ordered had already cooled down, but she still held it tightly in her hands.

"What did he want to see you about?" questioned Kent. Jonas had told him that there was something important he needed to tell Melinda. Because of this, he was sure that they were going to close off their relationship once and for all.

"He wants to get remarried." Melinda said it so calmly and casually as if she was just saying something about the weather.

"Remarried? To you?" Shock filled Kent's face.

"Yes. I've already agreed to it."

Melinda took a sip. Her stomach throbbed a bit from how cold the drink was, making her feel more awake.

"Mellie, are you out of your mind? Have you ever thought about the consequences if you return to Gu family?"

Kent thought that Melinda must be irritated by what happened to her, or she wouldn't have made such a decision. The Gu family was such a cruel and merciless family. Though Nelson always protected her, she still suffered a lot, and it was mostly because of Jonas.

"I know."

She had gone through it, so she knew the darkness in it. She had endured it for five years before. Now she was ready to make good use of her identity. What else was there to be afraid of?

"Mellie, don't make a decision that you will regret."

Kent tried to persuade her, but Melinda shook her head stubbornly. Recently, she had been trying to escape many things, but now she just didn't want to do that.

"Kent, I am the hostess of the Gu family. I won't be bullied by anyone,"

Melinda said with a smile. She had never dared to claim herself as the hostess back then, but now she did with her chin up and her voice loud and clear. The status, power and honor she had was attained through a lot of hardships.

"Grandpa has been protecting me all the time, and yet I disappointed him. But he hasn't given up on me, so I can't give up myself either. Besides, Kent, I still can't get over the humiliation I have suffered. This is my time to prove myself."

Nelson had always hoped that she and Jonas could get along well and support each other in the family. But over the years, she was like a silly girl who did a lot of wrong things.

Now thinking of what she had done, she disliked herself very much. It was no wonder that a lot of people made things hard for her.

"I still don't want you to go back," Kent said. After stepping out of the Gu's mansion, Melinda finally had a smile on her face. If she went back, everything would disappear.

"Are you really planning on giving up all the hard work you've gone?"

Kent persuaded again.

"Of course I won't. I've talked to Jonas."

Melinda had already made a lot of improvement on her career in literature. This was something she was really passionate about, so she wasn't going to give it up easily.


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