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Ex-wife, Please Come Back novel Chapter 279

"All right, enough talking. I'm going to take you shopping for some spring clothes. Is there anything else that you'd like to buy?" Jacob asked softly, as though he was talking to a child.

"Let me think..." Staring into the distance, Sara seemed to be lost in thought.

"Forget about the clothes, I don't need them. Let's get some kitchen supplies. I want to spend time cooking at our new villa," Sara said with a bright smile.

"That's great!" Jacob agreed without any regrets. He wanted to let her do whatever it was that made her happy.

"But why didn't you ever cook at our old house? Winnie is still there... You could ask her to teach you a thing or two, right?" Jacob asked in confusion, while walking on the treadmill.

"I think I would feel embarrassed if she sees me screw up!" Actually, Sara wanted to cook with Jacob, and no one else.

"Okay." Saying that, Jacob increased his speed on the treadmill.

After running vigorously for thirty minutes, he finally stopped. Exercise was said to release endorphins, which made people happy. Although Jacob was covered in sweat and grease, he felt good after the workout.

By the time they walked out of the gym, it was almost noon. They stopped for a quick lunch before they headed to the mall.

Jacob followed Sara into the mall. He looked like an obedient kid following her quietly, wherever she went.

Sara turned around to look at him, unable to contain her joy.

"I want to learn how to bake cakes and make desserts, but that would make me gain weight, and in order to counter that, I am going to have to wake up earlier everyday so that I could work out more." Sara gave him a bright smile. She knew exactly what she had to do to stay in shape.

"You can do as you please, honey," Jacob said with a smile as he gently pushed Sara to the store that sold all the kitchen appliances.

After buying an oven and a few other small appliances, Jacob and Sara went to the villa.

As soon as they arrived at their door, Jacob's phone rang.

"Hey, Jacob... Where are you? I went to the company, but couldn't find you there," Noah said in an anxious tone.

"What's the matter, Noah?" Jacob replied, placing the things they had purchased on the dining table.

"I need to talk to you about something, call me once you arrive at the company, okay?" Saying that, Noah hung up, leaving Jacob clueless about the issue.

"What's the matter? Why did Noah hang up all of a sudden?" Sara asked as she sat down next to him. She had made him a cup of coffee, so she placed it in front of him.

Jacob frowned, but did not say a word. "I have to go and find Noah. He told me that he wanted to talk to me. It sounded quite serious."

Sara was still holding the cup of coffee in her hand when she exclaimed in surprise, "What happened?"

Jacob turned to look at her and said, "He did not say much. Come, I will drop you off, and then, I will go look for him."

Sara gave him a nod and took one last sip of her coffee before she poured the rest down the drain. She then washed the cup and got ready. Jacob just waited for her and did not try to rush her.

An hour later, Jacob met Noah.

Noah was standing in front of the Shi Group. Even from a distance, Jacob could tell that it was him. However, he thought that Noah seemed to be in low spirits that day.

After parking the car, Jacob walked up to him and asked, "What's the matter, Noah? Why were you asking to speak with me all of a sudden?"


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