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Loveless Marriage novel Chapter 96

"If you don't feel so well, tell me." Christian said seriously. 

Before Isabella could say anything, the staffs that passed by all greeted: "Mr. Miller."     

Christian didn't say a word and directly walked forward.       

In the CEO office, the secretary had waited for him for long. 

"Thank God, Mr. Miller, you finally come back! Yesterday, you..."  

The secretary asked him anxiously. When he saw Isabella behind him, he was immediately stunned, then shut up and consciously retreated to the side.        

Isabella also looked at Christian. Secretary?        

Did he hired him after Lexie left?        

How could he bear to be use a man now?   

Christian took off his suit and placed it on a chair, then poured himself a cup of hot water. He placed the water in front of Isabella and said: "Steven, bring the files I asked you to prepare."

"On, okay...here"

The assistant, who was still in a daze, hurriedly handed the files to Christian. And he was shocked at the same time.

When he was asked to prepare the files on phone, he wasn't told that there would be a guest today. Besides, he didn't see it on schedule either. 

What's more, he called him all day yesterday, but couldn't get connected. If Christian didn't show up this morning, he may even call the police. He was really curious about what his boss was doing yesterday.

And... Did he just pour a cup of water for the woman in front of him?

"Thank you." Isabella nodded at him, then took the files and read through it seriously. After a while, she said calmly: "It's not too hard. I will try to help you settle it."

Just then, her phone suddenly rang. She was startled and took it out hurriedly, "Sorry."

Seeing that it from Diana, she immediately walked out, "I'm sorry Mr. Miller, I need to get a call."

With an outsider, she still need to put on an act.

Even though he understood, her actions made Christian a little uncomfortable, "Sure."

Isabella didn't walk far. she only stood at the door and whispered: "Mom, didn't I tell you I would just stay in Brighton for another two days? Why are you calling me again?"

"Isabella...your dad is in trouble. the warden called me this morning... He told me that your father fainted in there." Diana  choked with sobs, her tone filled with panic and anxiety.

"What did you say?" Isabella's expression suddenly changed.

Hearing the voice, Christian strode to the door and opened it, completely ignoring Steven who was still present. He then asked Isabella, "What’s going on?"

Isabella's face suddenly turned pale. She held her phone tightly and endured her upset emotion. But she still looked she just cried.

"I need to go back!"

She just couldn't understand how her father could suddenly be like this after being in jail two months.

Christian's heart tightened. There must be something urgent to made her upset like this.

He stepped forward and lightly held her shoulders, then he gently said, "Don’t worry. I'll go back with you."

Steven, who was behind them, opened his mouth wide in shock, then he quickly closed it again.

Now there was no need to guess. It seemed like his boss had been staying with this lady all day yesterday.

Isabella suddenly came to her senses. She pushed him away by her arm, and took a step back, then quickly said: "I'm sorry, but I can't solve your company's issues now. An emergency has occurred, I need to rush back. Goodbye."

She wasn't in the mood to care about so much right now. All she could think about now was her mother at home worrying about her dad. 


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