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Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Let’s go.”

Despite tearing into Serenity in his mind, Zachary had no intention to say or do anything about it.

Serenity was his wife on paper, but they were no different than strangers.

Too scared to say anything, the driver started the car.

Serenity had no idea she nearly ran into her man’s car. She sped off on her e-bike and made it to the shop in no time. Jasmine always arrived earlier than Serenity since the former lived nearby.


Jasmine ordered breakfast after she was done setting up the shop. She was enjoying breakfast when her best friend entered the scene. Jasmine asked with a smile, “Have you eaten?”


“Oh.” Jasmine went on to finish the most important meal of the day.

“I brought you some desserts. They’re delicious. Try them.”

Picking up a bag by the cash register, Jasmine told her best friend.

Serenity placed her bike key by the cash register and sat down before pulling over the bag containing the dessert. “You can’t go wrong with desserts. I saw a Roll Royce on my way to work, Jasmine.”

Jasmine replied, “I see. It’s not strange to spot a Rolls Royce in Wiltspoon, but it’s not a common sight. Did you see who’s in the car? Is it just like in the books – a hot and single CEO?”

Serenity stared at Jasmine without a word.

Jasmine chuckled. “That’s what it’s like in the books. Why are the young, hot, and rich CEOs eluding us?”

“The storylines are made up to cater to the market. Would anyone read a book if it’s about your average wage earner? The leading man has to be society’s elite even if he isn’t a CEO.”

Jasmine burst into another bout of laughter.

“That reminds me. Are you free tonight, Seren?”

“You know I’m either at home or at the shop, right? What’s the matter?”

Life was simple to Serenity as it only revolved around managing the shop and caring for her sister’s son.

“There’s a dinner party tonight. It’s a gathering of high society. I got an invite. Do you want to come along and have a peek into their world?”

Serenity turned down the offer. “I don’t run in the same circle as them. I’m not interested.”

Although she earned quite a bit, the upper crust was beyond her reach. She had no intention to elbow her way into the community, nor did she have the means to.

To be frank, Serenity might be mistaken as the server if someone of her social status were to attend such a refined dinner party.

“I don’t want to go either, but my mom begged my aunt for an invite. I can bring a plus one, so I thought of taking you. Seren, oh Seren. Please come with me to see what it’s like. Wait, no. I need you there to be my rock. I don’t want my mom to nag at me.”

The Soxes were wealthy and locals of Wiltspoon. They owned several properties and half a block of stores, making their millions through rent. However, wealth could not buy social standing.

Mrs. Sox took pride in her daughter’s pretty face as marrying her daughter off could be the ticket to a higher social class. Jasmine’s aunt happened to marry into a rich and powerful family. It had been a few tough decades, but it finally worked out for the aunt as she was now rubbing shoulders with the upper class.

The aunt doted on Jasmine and believed her niece had just only what it took to bag a wealthy and influential bachelor. Since Jasmine’s mom asked, the aunt was happy to make it happen for her niece.


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