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Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Zachary watched as Serenity picked the flowers and haggled with the florist. She lowered the price by half from fifty bucks for a potted plant. Not to mention, she made it seem like the florist would not get a better deal than what she was offering. It was intriguing, to say the least.

He was not one to look at the price tag or bargain when shopping.

Too bad for the florist though because his wife could drive a hard bargain. The look on the florist’s face was priceless.

After paying up, Serenity carried the flowerpots one by one into Zachary’s car.

At first, Zachary stood by the car and watched but later realized he was standing out for the wrong reasons as the girl was doing the heavy lifting herself. He then helped Serenity transport the flowers until his vehicle was filled to the brim.

It was a good thing the florist gave them some flattened cardboard to lay on the seats. That was better than getting his seats soiled.

“Do you need anything else?” Zachary asked his wife as he got into the car.

“The car is too full to put anything else. That’s it for today. It won’t take a day or two to furnish a place. I’ll take my time to

get the stuff and decorate our house.”

With Serenity buckling up, she whipped out her phone to look at the time. She then said to Zachary, “Let’s head back. I need to make a trip to my sister’s later.”

Zachary quietly started the car.

“Mr. York.”


“Nana and your parents are coming to visit on the weekend. Can | ask my sister to come along with her husband for dinner? My sister’s family is all I got. Even though we didn’t marry for love, we should meet each other’s family.”

Otherwise, their families would be oblivious if they ever bumped into each other on the streets.

Serenity had grandparents, aunts, and uncles living in the rural area, but they did not take too kindly to Serenity and Liberty as they were girls. After Serenity’s parents passed away in a car crash, none of the family members stepped up to take the sisters in. However, these family members did not hesitate to walk away with a share of the parents’ life insurance.

The house left behind by Serenity’s parents was occupied by her grandparents. Serenity did not bother returning to her parent’s home, nor did she see the grandparents as family.

Zachary did not refuse and replied faintly, “Yes, of course. Let your sister know to meet my family here on Saturday.


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