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Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Serenity tossed and turned all night as stressful dreams were triggered. The disturbed sleep drained her energy by the time she woke up the following morning.

As usual, Serenity hung her laundry on the balcony after turning the washing machine on before bed.

It was then she realized that stainless steel rods had been installed on the balcony. They were for her to air the laundry. There were also a variety of potted plants stacked on the huge balcony. Many of them had bloomed and budded. No matter the size, the petals were all the intricate kind.

Serenity’s attention was immediately drawn to the flowers.

She hung her clothes out and got straight to assembling the flower stands she bought yesterday morning. Serenity then displayed the potted plants on the stands.

While busting her gut over the task, Serenity got a crawling sensation of a pair of prying eyes. She looked up and met Zachary’s unfazed gaze. His eyes were nothing short of piercing and emotionless.

Serenity had learned to live with his blank face now as they were married for a few days.

“Morning, Mr. York.”

Serenity said hello and complimented him, “Mr. York, these flowers are great. You did a good job!”

She could trust Zachary to get the job done

Zachary muttered in a husky voice, “You can tell me if you encounter any problems in the future.”

Her requests were a piece of cake to him.


With a smile, Serenity went back to fiddling with the plants.

“Where did you get these plants? They’re beautiful.”


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