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Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Last night, Serenity stayed up late for Zachary to come home so she could make plans with him to shop for groceries on Saturday morning. Serenity called Nana the night before to get a headcount. As it turned out, Zachary’s brothers and cousins were also coming along. The way Nana saw it. Serenity was part of the York family now that she was married to Zachary. By meeting the family, Nana wanted to bring together everybody to introduce the family tree.

Since there was going to be a lot of food, Serenity would not be able to carry all the groceries on her own. Hence, she requested Zachary to take her to the market by car.


Like the other day, Zachary was startled awake by Serenity’s morning call at six o’clock sharp.

Feeling grumpy from the early rise, Zachary had to bottle up his grievance to stop himself from yelling at Serenity.

“Mr. York.”

Serenity’s clear voice washed away some of the unpleasantness in the morning.

With eyebrows pinched together, Zachary answered gruffly, “Give me ten minutes.”

“Sure. I made some pancakes. Come and have some when

you’re washed up. We can get to the market after breakfast.” Zachary asked, “… What time did you get up?” It was only six in the morning. Yet, Serenity had breakfast ready.

“About five.”

It was time-consuming for one person to prepare a feast. Serenity made an early start to get the ball rolling. Without another word, Zachary terminated the call.

She did not take the family event lightly. Zachary was more than pleased with her attitude toward meeting his family.

Ten minutes later.

Zachary emerged at the dining table , dressed in casual wear.

She was enjoying her breakfast. With a smile , she said, “ Try my pancakes. My sister said I make the best pancakes.”

Zachary took a glance at the breakfast spread. As the pancakes looked sumptuous and appetizing, he finished a whole plate. It was delicious indeed. She was a good cook.


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