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Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 3354

-As a result, Duncan could only suppress the pain of lovesickness and stay in Wiltspoon, honestly waiting for her to return from vacation.

Sometimes, when he thought too much and was afraid that he would become resentful, he comforted himself and enlightened himself. Liberty even left Sonny at Serenity’s house. She usually didn’t have time to make phone calls to him.

Duncan said, “I can sleep for half an hour at noon. I have slept for half an hour. At this point, I think you are up. I will call you before you officially go to work.”

“Well, I drank my coffee and got to work. What’s up?” Liberty asked softly, “Miss me?”

Duncan said affectionately, “I miss you. Every moment of every day, I think about you. I miss you so much that I go crazy.”

Liberty’s laughter came over the phone.

Duncan felt that he could increase his afternoon work efficiency to a higher level while listening to her laughter.

Duncan: “You just went back a little while ago.” I wish I could be with you twenty-four hours a day. It’s been a long time, okay? If I don’t see my job for one day, three autumns will pass. “Just count how many autumns we’ve had apart.”

Liberty smiled and said, “It’s been more than ten or twenty autumns.”

Duncan: “No, I miss you; I really miss you.”

Liberty said, “I miss you too. Our company officially takes annual leave around the 25th of the Lunar New Year. We don’t start work until the 10th day of the first lunar month, so we can rest for more than ten days.”

“Duncan.” Liberty begged, “When I’m not at home, you can occasionally visit my house and ask someone to clean it for me. When the sun comes out, wash the bedding and dry the quilt so that when I go back during the New Year, I can relax. I’ll give you the money for housekeeping.”

Duncan said, “You don’t need to tell me; I will go and take a look. There is no need to hire a housekeeper; I will just arrange for a few people to go over. Seren should also go over to take a look; don’t worry. Is it still snowing in Jensburg?”

Liberty said, “It’s not raining now, but it’s always cold, much colder than Wiltspoon.”

Soon, it will be sunny again in Wiltspoon.

“By the way, isn’t Mrs. Lane at your house?” Duncan asked.


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