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Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 3407

Half an hour later, Audrey took Serenity out to the agreed-upon place to meet Mrs. Lewis.

Mrs. Lewis and her husband were here.

They arrived first, and after waiting for a few minutes, Audrey and Serenity also arrived.

“Mrs. Stone.”

Seeing Audrey bring serenity over, Mrs. Lewis stood up and walked forward to greet them with a smile on her face.

Audrey: “Mrs. Lewis, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Serenity called Mrs. Lewis “Auntie”.

Mrs. Lewis smiled and said, “We just arrived too. We sat down and hadn’t even had a glass of water when you guys came. We didn’t have to wait long.”

Mrs. Lewis held Serenity’s hand affectionately, asked about her recent situation with concern, looked at her belly, and smiled. “Wearing an outer coat, it is hard to tell that you are pregnant.”

Serenity touched her belly, she said. “Well, it’s not obvious that I’m pregnant.”

Then she put down her hand, took Mrs. Lewis’s arm, and walked towards Mr. Lewis with Audrey.

Mr. Lewis stood up and was greeted with a smile.

After everyone sat down, Mrs. Lewis ordered some food and drinks for everyone, and then she praised Audrey for taking good care of herself and looking younger and more beautiful.


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