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Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 3434

Clarissa looked unhappy. Marco knew without asking that the mother and daughter might have had an argument. Did Kathryn become a victim of his old mother’s murder?

Frightened, Marco quickly turned his gaze away and said carefully to Clarissa, “Mom, you and Kathryn have to eat even if we want to talk.”


Clarissa roared in anger.

The intensity of the yelling drove Marco to turn and flee. Because he ran too fast, he fell down, and the tray he was holding, along with the food, fell to the ground. He looked extremely embarrassed as the food scattered all over the floor.

The study door slammed shut with a “bang”.

Marco only dared to turn his head to look at the closed study door before hastily getting up.

He didn’t dare to leave like this; he had to clean up the food on the ground.

Marco quickly cleaned up the mess on the ground and went downstairs in a hurry.

Holden and his two younger sons were nervous when they heard some noise upstairs.

“Can you two go upstairs and see what’s going on?” Holden guessed that Clarissa was furious. He was afraid to go upstairs and face Clarissa’s reprimand, so he asked his two younger sons to go upstairs and check.

Noel pushed Sage, and Sage pulled him.

Each brother wanted the other to go upstairs.

In the end, they just went together because no one wanted to.

However, as soon as they reached the stairs, they saw their eldest brother, Marco, hurrying downstairs.

“Brother, what happened? I appeared to hear something breaking.”

Noel, the second brother, inquired.


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