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Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 3443

Kevin got up and walked outside.

Seeing this, Hayden followed him out silently, listening to him whisper something to Liberty.

She heard him say to Liberty, “Sister Liberty, I suggest you go back to Wiltspoon now.”

“Although you have Jim and the others protecting you, the Farrell family has been operating in Jensburg for over a hundred years and has many members. If Clarissa really wants to fight to the death, you will be defenseless. Jensburg is the Farrell family’s territory.

Wiltspoon is our territory. It will be safer for you to go back than to stay in Jensburg. Hurry up and arrange the company’s affairs, and then go back to Wiltspoon. I’ll notify my eldest brother and ask him to arrange a private plane to pick you up.”

Kevin had the same idea as Kathryn and felt that it would be safer for Liberty to return to Wiltspoon.

After all, Jensburg was the Farrell family’s territory. Even though the Farrell family was not as prosperous as it was in its heyday, they had been running Jensburg for many generations, and their family members were spread across every corner of Jensburg.

Although there were many tribesmen who were dissatisfied with Clarissa and defected to Liberty,.

But most people were unaware of what happened back then and still obeyed Clarissa’s orders.

Even if Liberty has bodyguards following her, it’s not safe.

Liberty said, “How dare she kill me openly? If she is honest, we can still guard against it, but she won’t be honest.”

Kevin said, “Think about your grandmother. She used to be the head of the Farrell family. It can be said that the Farrell family was under her control. What was the result? Don’t underestimate Clarissa; she can do anything.”

Liberty was silent for a moment, then said, “Okay, I’ll listen to you. I’ll arrange my work now and go back to Wiltspoon. I won’t need a private plane. I’ll go to the airport and fly back, or I can drive directly.”

Kevin said, “Don’t drive out. You don’t know how many cars are waiting to hit you on the road. Like last time, you never thought that something like that would happen. Wait for the elder brother to make the arrangements. Sister Liberty, you’d better not wander around now and try not to go out. If you do go out, tell Jim and the others to let their car follow yours closely, and don’t let other cars cut in line and separate you. I’ll contact my elder brother now.”

Kevin didn’t dare to delay, and after instructing Liberty, he immediately called Zachary.

Seeing Hayden around, he didn’t even have time to talk to Hayden.

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