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Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 3449

“Duncan, I know you’re anxious,” Zachary said, slightly amused by his friend’s complaints.

It made it seem like Zachary didn’t care about Liberty at all. As long as he still loved Serenity, he would care about Liberty’s safety. Liberty was Serenity’s only sister, the one who raised her.

Zachary had great respect for Liberty. To him, she was both his sister-in-law and his mother-in-law.

Whenever the young couple had a minor conflict, Zachary would complain to Liberty. If Serenity ignored him, he would feel wronged and would vent to Liberty.

Serenity once said she had never seen a man who would go back to his wife’s family to complain about something. Zachary was that kind of person.

“How could I not care about my sister? She’s my wife’s biological sister, equivalent to my mother-in-law.”

An elder sister is like a mother.

At fifteen, Liberty lived with her ten-year-old sister and took care of her. She played the role of both an elder sister and a parent. Not only did she become outstanding herself, but she also raised her younger sister to be outstanding.

Zachary continued, “I also persuaded my sister to come back, but she said that even with Grandpa Jimenez as a witness, it might not be possible to make the head of the Farrell family pay with her life. After all, the incident happened forty or fifty years ago, and the statute of limitations has long passed.

My sister is unwilling to accept this. She wants Clarissa to pay with her life. Now Clarissa wants to fight us to the death. Only when we catch her with evidence can we make her pay with her life.

Don’t worry, I’ve already sent more people to protect my sister. Clive flew to Jensburg this evening and has now reunited with her. Kevin is there too, as is the Queen family. My sister will be fine.”

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