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Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 3453

“Mr. Fraser,” Holden greeted with a forced smile. He felt very depressed. As Clarissa’s husband, he had no status in front of her assistants and had to maintain a friendly demeanor when talking to them.

“We came to see Kathryn. How is she? We were worried about her all night. We just found out you sent her to the hospital, so we hurried over.” Holden lied.

In reality, after Clarissa yelled at Holden and his sons last night, they quickly left the Farrell family mansion. They monitored the mansion, but there was no movement all night except for Mr. Dunn’s visits.

Holden wondered if he had guessed wrong or if Clarissa was setting a trap for her niece.

Pedro said calmly, “Miss is awake and not seriously ill. Mr. Janzen, you look more injured than Miss.”

Holden smiled awkwardly. “I had a fight with my wife. Seeing Kathryn like that, I was worried. After all, I am her biological father. Seeing my daughter lying motionless, I got angry and fought with my wife. I am no match for her.”

Feeling embarrassed, Holden raised the insulated lunch box in his hand. “It’s early, and you probably haven’t had breakfast yet. I made dumplings for Kathryn and brought them here. She likes dumplings stuffed with chives.”

Kathryn enjoyed the fragrance of leeks and liked dumplings filled with leeks, pork, and corn.

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