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My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris) novel Chapter 39

Then the couple left the police station and went back to Villa Dengkil.

Yoona Lee had been staying at home since she came back from the hospital. The couple told Yoona Lee everything.

Yoona Lee, who was sitting on the sofa eating fruit, was not angry but laughed when she heard the news. "Since she finally went to the police station, let her stay inside."

Her delicate face was full of smiles and she was chewing fruit. Suddenly, she frowned and asked, "If we provoke Vivian Mond, will she choose to self-destruct?"

"She's already in the police station. So what if she blew up her identity? She has no money or power, and she has no child of Morris Cheal in her belly. No one will take her seriously."

Phu Yen Lee snorted and said disdainfully.

Yorlien Green echoed, "When she goes to jail for half a year, you should be married and pregnant with Morris, and she is a prisoner who has been imprisoned. She is destined not to marry into The Cheal again in this life, so she will naturally not be a threat to us."

After a series of precise analysis, Yoona Lee was in a very good mood. In exchange for a small injury, Vivian Mond was in jail for half a year. She suddenly felt that the injury on her head was worth it.


At the same time, Issac, who had not seen Vivian Mond for a few days, called her several times, but no one answered.

From morning to afternoon, no one answered a dozen calls.

The next day, he made a lot of calls, but she still didn't answer. Issac felt a little uneasy. He went straight to Exquisite Chamber, but he didn't think that Vivian Mond would be there.

Cochise Shaw was afraid that something would happen to her, so he immediately sent someone to investigate. He just knew that Vivian Mond was locked up in the police station because she had beaten Yoona Lee.

He used his personal relationship to meet Vivian Mond in the police station's reception room.

"Vivian, are you okay?"

They hadn't seen each other for only a few days. When Issac saw Vivian Mond again, he felt that her beauty was gone. In addition, she was wearing a pair of handcuffs, which made people feel miserable.

However, when she saw Issac, Vivian Mond had a smile on her face.

"Very good. It's quiet here."

She sat calmly opposite Issac and couldn't help frowning. "How did you know I was here?"


Issac slammed the table angrily and said, "Phu Yen Lee is too stupid. He is her biological son. Why should he do this to you? I..."

Perhaps he was stimulated by Vivian Mond's poor image and became angry on the spot.

The police officer immediately shouted, "Be quiet!"

Issac ignored the police officer's warning. Instead, he paused and raised his eyebrows. His angry eyes gradually flickered, and then he tilted his head to look aside.

Oh no, I'm exposed.

"When did you know?"

Hearing his words, Vivian Mond was a little surprised. Then, she sighed helplessly. "Did my mother tell you?"

In addition, she could not think of any other reason.

Given Lee family's fear of The Cheal, if they changed her ID card's appearance, it would definitely change her previous education background and be flawless.

It was impossible for Issac to find any information that The Cheal couldn't find.

Issac lifted his short hair, and his enchanting face was full of evil smiles. "I accidentally saw your family's photo that day. Auntie couldn't hide it from me."

After that day, Issac sent someone to investigate the information of Yoona Lee and Vivian Mond, but all the information was handled perfectly. He couldn't find any information.I

"You'll know if you know. I hope you keep it a secret for me."

"I heard that Morris Cheal was saved by Yoona Lee, who was sent to deliver food that night in a car accident. If I'm not wrong, the person who saved Morris Cheal should be you, right?"

Morris Cheal was a figure at the top of the pyramid in Houston. He was the God's favored son and the most eye-catching existence.

A car accident naturally attracted the attention of various media. Issac knew that he couldn't tell the truth.

"I'm fine, very good. Issac, thank you for coming to see me, but I don't want you to intervene in my affairs."

Instead of answering Issac's question, she changed the subject.


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