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My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris) novel Chapter 52

There was a door between the ward and the living room, so Madame Cheal wouldn't have heard the bodyguards' words.

Morris expression turned slightly cold. He bypassed the bodyguards and walked towards Vivian Mond's ward. He saw Vivian was getting up from the bed and wanted to leave when he arrived.

"What are you doing?"

Morris walked into the ward and asked coldly.

"Nothing, I just want to be discharged from the hospital."

Vivian replied to him.

According to her original plan, she hoped that the bigger the fire, the better. Only then would she be able to expose the true features of the Lee family .

Vivian even deliberately released some words that she wanted to be interviewed.

Unfortunately, when she attract the attention of the reporters finally, Morris actually used his personal relationships to block the reporters outside the hospital!

"Are you in a hurry to die?"

Morris stood in front of her, his handsome face was cold.

Although his speech was ugly, it was not difficult to feel his concern for her.

"I only burned my feet and arms. I'll be fine after I go back and have a rest."

Since he had saved her life, Vivian didn't want to argue with him.

What's more, when she was in the apartment, she had the time to escape, but she deliberately did not. What she wanted to do was to make things bigger and attract the attention of the outside world.

So she deliberately burned her feet and arms to make everything more real.

She got up and walked outside, but Morris happened to be standing at the door of the ward and blocking her way.

Vivian looked up at him in confusion. "Excuse me."

She was determined to leave the hospital.

However, Morris merely looked at her coldly and did not move.

The two of them looked at each other. At that time, their expressions in eyes were complicated unfathomable meanings.

"I don't want to repeat myself."

Morris would not allow her to leave.

It made Vivian dumbfounding. "Morris, aren't you going too far?"

Vivian and Morris attitudes towards each other changed slightly.

For example, he was more concerned about her than before, and she called him his name instead of "Mr. Cheal" naturally.

The arrogant man put his hands in the pockets of his trousers and glanced at her coldly.

He didn't say a word.

Vivian looked at him for a moment and suddenly raised her eyebrows. "Are you caring about me? Tsk, tsk. Are you in love with me?"

She walked up to Morris. Her tanned and slightly ugly face was filled with a mocking smile, and her words were full of ridicule.

Hearing this, Morris brows, which were as black as ink, twisted imperceptibly. Then, he let out a faint laugh. "What an idiot."

Vivian's words had pulled Morris back to reality in an instant. It made him suddenly doubt why he had rushed into the fire last night to save a woman who had nothing to do with him.

Did he really like her?


He, Morris, would never fall in love with such an ugly woman.

Could a bumpkin who was not decent at all deserve his love?"


"If you are not my grandmother's granddaughter, what does it have to do with me even if you die?"

He gave her a reasonable explanation.

But it was more like convincing himself to explain the reason why he suddenly rushed into the fire field to save her.


"Vivian? Oh my god, Vivian, are you really all right? You scared me to death."


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