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My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris) novel Chapter 57

After Yoona left, Morris asked Madame Cheal, "Why do you allow her go with me?"

Madame Cheal sighed earnestly, "You're not young anymore. You need a woman to take care of you. After all, she's your fiancee, so you should get used to it in advance."

As Madame Cheal spoke, she glanced at Morris, "You propose to be engaged to her first. Do you regret now?"

There was a hint of ridicule in her words.

At first, Madame Cheal tried her best to get Morris and Vivian engaged, but he stubbornly refused.

Now, seeing Morris ambiguous attitude towards Yoona, Madame Cheal was confused.


Morris handsome face was expressionless.

"That's good."

Madame Cheal waved her hand, "The matters of Canada are very important. Hurry up to go."

Morris didn't say a word. He turned around, and walked out of the ward to call Trent.

The phone rang a few times, and Trent answered,"Boss, what's the matter?"

"When I go to Canada, you must ensure Vivian safety."

On the phone, he instructed Trent.

On the other end of the phone, Trent was silent for a moment and said, "Boss, don't you think you care about Miss Mond too much?"

As Morris special assistant, Trent had the responsibility to remind him at all times.

"You once said that career is the focus. You don't want anyone to become your weakness and threaten you."

Trent had followed Morris for more than ten years and knew him better than anyone else.

Trent's "kind reminder" fell into Morris ears, making Morris suddenly angry. The coldness in Morris eyes could not be hidden.

"When do I give you power to discuss my affairs?"

Morris words were full of anger.

"Yes, boss. I'm so talkative."

Trent didn't expect her boss to be angered by a single sentence. He felt that Vivian was invincible in his boss's heart.

"Grandma acknowledges Vivian as her adopted daughter. Vivian is half a member of the Cheal family."

Suddenly, Morris explained and said, "How could such an ugly woman attract my attention?"

Although those words seemed to explain to Trent, they were more like convincing himself with a reasonable reason.

A man who pursued perfection had extremely high requirements for anything. Even for his life, he also had extremely high standards.

Otherwise, why did he choose Yoona, the number one talented woman in Houston, as his fiancee?

"Yes, boss, I know."

Trent was skeptical about Morris answer.

"Book a flight ticket to Canada for Yoona."

Originally, Morris was very opposed to Yoona going to Canada with him. He didn't even intend to ask Trent to buy a ticket for her.

But after listening to Trent's words just now, he felt guilty and pretended that he only cared about Yoona and didn't care about Vivian at all.


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