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My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris) novel Chapter 67

After several failures, Morris had to hug her always.

It wasn't until she stopped vomiting that he wiped her mouth and carried her back to bed to sleep.

After putting her on the bed, the man was so angry that he slapped her on her bottom.

"Crack!" The sound was very loud. "Hiss..."

Vivian Mond, who had fallen asleep, took a deep breath in pain, but fell asleep again without any reaction.

He had clearly restrained his strength in that slap.

But hearing her gasp in pain, Morris was stunned for a second and lifted the hem of her skirt.

When he took a look, he discovered that there were already five finger clear marks on her fairy skin.

Looking at the finger marks, his heart sank. After looking at them for a few seconds, he finally couldn't help rubbing her gently.

Then, he covered her with a thin quilt and turned to walk out of the bedroom.

In the living room, Morris called Trent. "Go and investigate Vivian Mond immediately. I want everything about her."

"Yes, boss."

Trent Stone responded and then asked, "What to do with Miss Sain?"


Morris didn't want to talk to anyone else about Vivian, so he simply hung up the phone.

In the afternoon.

After sleeping for a few hours, Vivian finally woke up. She lifted her head up from the bed in pain.

When she opened the bedroom door and walked out, she saw Morris sitting on the sofa.

The living room was already clean and tidy.

She rubbed her head and her butt, staggered to the sofa. She looked at Morris, who was leaning against the sofa with his legs crossed and a laptop on them, concentrating on his work.

She couldn't help but ask, "Did I fall down after drinking? Why does my butt hurt so much?"

A glimmer of light flashed across the eyes of the man who was working. He nodded guiltily and said, "Yes."

"No wonder. It hurts so much."

She walked to the opposite side of Morris and lay on the sofa opposite him, squinting and quietly watching the man work.

He was dressed in a black shirt with a slightly open collar, revealing his strong chest muscles, and she could see his muscles.

In particular, under his fluffy short hair, his pretty face and handsome features seemed to be carved by a master. He looked like a perfect artist of God, flawless and attractive.

It was said that men who worked hard were the most handsome.

As expected.

When she looked at Morris, she only found it pleasing to her.

However, there was an incomparably dark heart hidden under his handsome face.

"What a jerk!"

"Have you seen enough?"

Suddenly, the man looked up, glanced at her with a pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes, and asked jokingly.

Vivian froze for a moment, then immediately looked away. "Hey, narcissistic. Who's looking at you? I'm just looking at the painting on the wall behind you."

She found a reason.


As soon as Vivian's voice fell, her stomach began to rumble.

Morris had just finished his last work. He turned off his laptop and looked at her, who was lying on the opposite sofa with her hands on her belly, seemed aggrieved and pitiful. "Are you hungry?"


Vivian nodded, not wanting to move.

"You want to eat?"



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