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President’s Sweet Wife novel Chapter 541

With this in mind, Max took out some cigarettes and a lighter from the second drawer of the bedside table.

He lit a cigarette and pulled on it.

He missed the familiar smell of tobacco.

He quit smoking because of Laura and was now smoking again because of her.

Max was a very persistent person.

There was nothing in this world that he couldn't get.

He always thought that since Laura had already had sex with him, it meant that she liked him.

He did see love in Laura's eyes. In fact, it would be easy for them to be together.

But why was Laura avoiding him again and again?

Max was more annoyed at the thought that today he went to a bar to drink because he was in a bad mood but met such a disgusting woman.

He had really expected Lily to tell him something.

But he didn't expect her to climb into his bed.

He smoked quickly.

It didn't take long for the cigarette to burn out.

But he didn't stop.

He took out another one from inside the cigarette case.

He put it in his mouth and lit it with his lighter.

He was skilled.

He held the cigarette between his slender fingers.

Even though he was smoking, he was still very handsome.

But why should such a good man be sad for a woman?

It was really puzzling.

Max threw himself down on his bed after smoking.

He was getting more and more furious.

How did they get here?

He was sure he was right.

He was sure that there was love in Laura's eyes when she looked at him today.

But he really didn't understand why she then went straight to be with Isaac!

He went to her because he was worried about her.

Then she had an accident.

In the end, he was the only one who helped her. She felt everything and experienced it herself.

But why was she in the arms of another man in the blink of an eye?

It was really confusing.

But now Max was even angrier.

He wanted to confront Laura right now.

He wanted to ask her what kind of feelings she had for him and why she had confused him again and again.

He had wanted to ask her during the day, but she was agitated and kept avoiding him.

It was at that time that Isaac came running in.

Max felt like a third wheel and got jealous, so he left straight away.


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