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She is a CEO by George Chapman novel Chapter 7

Theodore was so smart that he noticed Nia's expression at once. He smiled slyly and quickly stooped down to pick up the money. Then Nia just came to life and wanted to stop him in spite of herself, "Boy..."

Nia thought that the money Arthur threw at them was sort of...insulting.

"Nia, don't tell my mom about this," said Theodore putting the money into his pocket, with his grape-like eyes twinkling subtly.

Nia paused and felt a bit embarrassed. She actually failed to understand a child's intention... Before she did something else, Theodore began to move forward, and she had to catch up with him. A woman and a child slowly merged into the crowd.

The afterglow gradually disappeared. Starlight emerged in the sky as well as a streetlight. Lucia was too busy to know about the time in her office.

Until there came a sudden blaze of light, she couldn't adapt to it at once and blinked her eyes. As she looked up, she then found that Nia was at the door of her office with her hand on the switch, who looked at her with mixed emotions on her face.

For a moment, Lucia's mind was blank. After a while, she recovered herself and asked, "What time is it?"

"It is already 7?" Lucia frowned after noticing the time on the wall and felt a bit sorry to ask Nia, "How about Theodore?"

"He is sleeping in the lounge. He's sensible. I just wanted to tell you when we came back, but he asked me not to disturb you. And he soon fell asleep after playing alone outside," Nia walked into the office and replied.

"Thank you so much for taking care of him all day." Lucia really felt sorry. In fact, it was not Nia's job, but she was so busy that she forgot to ask Theodore to come back.

Nia quickly said, "He is well-behaved and smart. I felt happy to be with him."

Lucia just smiled. Surely, she knew about the charisma of her son.

Nia was momentarily paralyzed by her smile. She was really beautiful. Nia didn't want to talk about her past, but it did confuse her that Jacob actually abandoned her and chose Poppy who was arrogant.

"What are you thinking?" Lucia saw that Nia was in a trance and asked her with a smile. She thought this assistant was really lovely.

Nia blushed and shook her head hurriedly, changing the subject, "Oh, Lucy, how about your work? Do you get it cracked?"

As they mentioned the work, Lucia lost her smile little by little and showed a puzzled expression. She replied, "The case is tricky. I can't find any problem, though I have worked for it all day long."

Nia knew that Lucia was in a pickle, and she hurried to say, "We still have time, Lucy. Take a rest."

Lucia nodded. She understood she was in too much of a hurry.

Nia stepped forward quickly and took the documents from Lucia, raising her head and saying, "Lucy, just go home with Theodore. I will pack them up."

"Really?" asked Lucia smiling. Indeed, she felt a bit fatigued now.


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