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Sold To The Billionaire novel Chapter 51


That night everyone celebrates with us, and we fun alot. Mom, dad, dad and brother Chris even plan all the details for the wedding. Also I gotted to know that it's bro who tell Aaron about my wishes and bucket list. Traitor!!!

As I wanted my marriage to be happened on a beach so we all decides to do it in Ruislip Lido beach in West London, but mom, dad, dad, bro even Aaron wants this time marriage will be in a grand way where all media, celebrities, business associates everyone is presented. So I also invite Arohi and Vishal bro and they're so happy to know about that and said they were coming right away and as they said they are here a week before.

Now I'm sitting for my final trial of wedding gown, it's a beautiful white princess gown, with white pearls and sweetheart neckline giving a rich and royal look.

"You look amazing alle.... Aaron will going to be blueballs instantly..... at a time he saw you..." Aroo said and laugh out loud with the dress desinger, but I just blushed on her comment..

"Well she's right Allena, you're looking absolutely beautiful, he surely can't control himself till night." My dress desinger, Helly also join her and start laughing while I'm turn beetroot red. Well let me tell you Helly is brother's girlfriend also. He's so lucky as well as a Dark Horse, he keep this news to us, that to for so long. Uhh!!! Also aroo and Helly are my bride's maids, as I have no many friends so they both are mine bride's maids.

"Stop it guys! And Helly this dress fits perfectly. Thank you so much for designing this beautiful fairy Princess dress for me." I said and thanked her.

"Ohhh your most welcome honey! While now I thought that maybe this Design is only and only made for you." She commented and again I smile and say a small thank you to her.

"Ok now we need to go aroo! Bro and Vishal bro are waiting for us. Helly why don't you join us?" I said and asked to Helly.

"Sure just let me pack your dress, so that we can send this at your home." She said and then go for packing the dress, then soon we three ladies moved out of the boutique and went towards the mall where bro and Vishal bro waiting for us.

"Hey you all are late. We're waiting for you guys from last one hour." Complaint Vishal bro like a kid.

"Ohh com'on vish! Its not like it's normal to attend a wedding of your best friend and also become a bride it's her wedding and she's my bff so you boys stay shut." Said aaro with extra dramatic way pointing towards me, while bro, vishan bro, Helly and me shake our heads on her drama.

"Ok now let's go, otherwise you took more time here in shopping if we waste any more minutes." Said brother with his tired voice.

Well it's not his or mine mistake, he was working all day, then sometimes he handle babies ALONE!!! BRAVE HA?, And now he decides to propose Helly on the same day of my wedding at the time of bouquet and garter throwing. So he was extremely busy and tried and after this also he wants to accompany us in the jewellery, and other things shopping also he handle everything in preparation on his own. He strictly told Aaron not to interfere his nose into his ideas of preparing as he wants everything according to himself because it's his only sister's wedding afterall. Haha!!!

So now we shopped alot, me, aroo and Helly shop different-different jewelleries, shoes, heels. They also help me in selecting some lingeries ands sexy nighties. Then we headed towards the food court have some food and after that we back at home. Chris bro go to drop Helly to her home, while me, aroo and Vishal bro come back home, as they both are living with us till wedding.

Tomorrow we are going to the venue where the wedding take place.

We reached at home till ten at night and directly went towards our room as we all are hell tired. My munchkins are with their dad and grandparents. So now I'm able to sleep fully without any tention.

I changed into a comfy clothes, lay on my bed and drift into the deep sleep.

Next morning we wakeup and did our daily work, and after breakfast we left for the venue, Aaron, mom and dad will be their direct from home. They're coming separately from us. Beacuse of some last minute preparations. Also tomorrow is our bachelor's party and day after tomorrow is our wedding. Now I'm feeling exciting as well as nervous. I just want a happily ever after with Aaron and my babies.

We sat on our respected cars and start our journey to West London. We're going there through plane. And as we all know my billionaire brother and to be husband owns their own jets so we're going on them only. On Brown's jet....me, dad, bro, aroo, Vishal bro, Helly and some other friends of Chris bro and mine are going to West London. And in Gray's jet... Mom, dad, babies, Aaron, and some relatives and friends of aaron and mom dad are coming to West London.

We reached their in two to three hours.

( A/N--Guys I don't know how much time taken to reached at West London from the London :p)...

And then in car we reached our beach resort from airport. Soon the allotted rooms will be distributed to us and then some Leaving for their works, some for taking rest and me surely for pampering myself with aroo and Helly to the spa in the resort. We spend our whole day in the spa while massaging, waxing, threading, pedicure and manicure, hair cutting.....ahh at the dinner time we get free from all this and headed towards the dining area where everyone is waiting for us including Aaron and family. I saw my babies after so long so I hug them and place them near me. We all ate together and then moved to our respected rooms.


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