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Spoiled by Eight Uncles (Lily) novel Chapter 1217

It was the first time that the King of Judgement felt this uneasy.

Before this, he was calm and collected wherever he went, and acted like the head gangster.

But now he felt like a joke.

Would he really be eliminated? No, no. He has been in the First Palace for so long, and maintained the ways and orders of the Underworld as much as he could.

So why would he be the worst ranking one in the end? If the Order was really fair, he should’ve been in the complete rank by now, the strongest one out of all ten of the Kings!

Something must have gone wrong. He couldn’t possibly follow the whims of a small child…

Just as he was getting more frustrated in his thoughts, he heard footsteps coming. It was Lilly.

She wasn’t even wearing the official garments as the Ruler of Hell, only a casual short skirt.

It was a pink and updated version of a traditional knee-length horse-face skirt. Paired with a clean and sleek top with bow pocket sleeves, her outfit was one that blended modern with traditional Han elements. She just wanted something easy to slip into.

The King of Judgement looked in disgust, frowned and said: “This is neither fish nor fowl!”

Can one change the traditional Han garments like this?

Plus her skirt was so short that everyone could see her two legs. Is this appropriate for the majesty of the Ruler of Hell?

Even though The King of Judgement felt discomfort from the depths of his heart, he didn’t forget to come and see Lilly’s new rank immediately.

But he still couldn’t see it!

He was stunned, and exposed his anxiousness by saying: “What is your rank? Why can’t I see it?”

Lilly smirked and let out a snort. She walked up to her throne, jumped on it, and sat down.

She crossed her legs and swayed them. She looked chic and heroic.

The sight of this bothered the King of Judgement, but she couldn’t care less.

“Of course you can’t see my ranking!” Lilly said. “Because you’re a loser!”

Loser? The King of Transformation gasped.

She wasn’t wrong though, even he could see it.

Lilly: “The King of Judgement, let me just say this straight. The wheels of history are moving forward. Old and archaic rules are always going to be continuously replaced by newer ones. If you don’t keep up, you’re going to be eliminated one day.”

“See, you can’t even see what I’ve established!”

The King of Judgement can’t even see what a child had cultivated, and he still wanted to be everyone’s “big brother”?

He really was too old-fashioned!

Lilly let out another snort, and pulled out a textbook from the royal desk. She picked up a pen and started writing in it.

This is the Palace of the Ruler of Hell. With such an audience, why did it feel that…

The King of Transformation: Little Hades is getting steadier and more collected. She can even calm herself down and revise a sentence in such an environment…

The King of Styx: Who said that Little Hades couldn’t handle big responsibilities at such a young age? She clearly worked very hard.

The Kings of Contemplation and Five Offices had the same thoughts as well. She may be young, but…

As they were deep in thought, she flipped a page, and took another book from the side.


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