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Spoiled by Eight Uncles (Lily) novel Chapter 22

Looking at these two shameless people, Bettany was furious. She knew it was all an act. Pretending to regret their previous actions and accusing Lilly of being a cruel and ungrateful person if she ignored the fact that she caused his brother’s death. When Bettany remembered how her daughter was ill-treated by these scums, she started having breathing difficulties and gasped for air.

Lilly was the first person to notice something wrong with Bettany. She held her arms and asked, “Grandma, how are you?”

Bettany wiped her tears and hugged Lilly. She lamented Lilly’s unfortunate situation.

Lilly comforted her, “Grandma, don’t be scared. I am here. I’ll be by your side.”

Gilbert went to get some medicine for Bettany. The party was once again in a mess.

Everyone looked at the members of the Crawford family and the two people who begged and cried.

“Are they here to cause a scene? They just had to come here on the child’s birthday…”

“That might not be the case. They looked pitiful. I’m sure they had no choice but to do this,”

One of them said, “Stephen isn’t really a good person…” The Hatcher family’s case was still under investigation, so not many people knew about it.

Another person said, “You can’t blame him. His unborn child was dead. It’s understandable if he couldn’t control his temper and hit someone…”

Edward was impatient, He asked, “Anthony, why aren’t we throwing them out yet?”

Anthony said calmly, “We won’t let them go so easily.” He wanted to deal with these two people after Lilly’s birthday. However, they came to him instead.

Under Anthony’s orders, Jack already went to retrieve the evidence.

When Anthony found Lilly, Lilly insisted she did not push anyone. As Lilly’s uncle, Anthony would seek justice for her.

Stephen knelt and cried for a long time. Soon, he realized everyone was ignoring him. The members of the Crawford family stared at him coldly, while the other guests were waiting to see what would happen.

He could only look at Lilly and said, “Lilly. Forgive Daddy… I acted on impulse because you caused your brother’s death. You know I wouldn’t do that usually…”

Stephen thought Lilly would stay quiet because she was afraid. However, Lilly said calmly, “Daddy, you are lying.”

“Daddy isn’t lying. I’m not…”

Lilly said, “Daddy would beat Lilly in the past. Daddy always beats Lilly.”

Stephen was rendered speechless. He was annoyed because Lilly wasn’t working with him.

“I am your father! Lilly!”

Anthony received a document from Jack and chuckled, “I’m not sure if you are really Lilly’s father or not.”

A parrot was standing on Jack’s shoulder. The crowd scared it, so it jumped onto Lilly’s shoulder.

Everyone was curious about what Anthony would do next.

While holding the document, Anthony asked, “Debbie, did you say it was Lilly who pushed you and caused your miscarriage?”


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