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Spoiled by Eight Uncles (Lily) novel Chapter 31

Winona and Helen trembled in fear and ran to the office as fast as lightning. They finally calmed down when they saw people walking around the building.

When she turned back, she saw the white plastic bag again. It was following them and circling at the same place. Goosebumps and tingles erupted all over her skin.

She ran into Liam’s office and his arms while crying.


Lilly was showing Liam her drawing when Winona barged into the room.

Liam frowned and stepped back awkwardly.

Winona was going to throw herself into his arms, but when Liam stepped back, she fell face-down on the ground, causing her nose to bleed.

“Liam Crawford, you…!” Winona covered her nose and said angrily.

Employees who walked past peeked into Liam’s office curiously.

Helen took out a napkin quickly and criticized Liam, “Hey, what are you doing? Winona is your wife! How can you let her throw herself on the floor?”

Liam replied harshly, “I’m not into this kind of gimmick.”

Winona felt embarrassed. He made her look like she was seducing him.

However, she had no choice but to keep quiet. She could not let others know that she and Liam were not on good terms. Arguing here at the office will only make the situation worse.

Winona glanced at Lilly and suddenly a drawing on the table caught her eye.

Lilly’s painting showed a portrait of a lady. Although it is not very realistic, it even looks a bit cartoonish…

It somehow reminded her of May Lee who was crushed to death at the construction site five years ago!

Lilly stood up straight on the chair. She glanced at Liam and carefully peeked at Winona.

Winona’s face looked even scarier. The dark cloud covered half of her face and only both of her eyes were revealed. It looked scarier than ghosts and spirits!

Lilly covered her mouth and asked quietly, “Master, what is wrong with Aunt Winona?!”

Pablo shook his head in dismay, “Oh no, did you see that poo on her face? I guess she was slapped by May Lee just now.”

Lilly glanced at her face and mumbled to herself, “No poo! But it’s kind of stinky.”

Winona heard Lilly and Polly murmuring words like “poo” and “stinky”, and she could no longer hold back anymore.

She was so afraid that she forgot her face was covered with poo…

Winona gagged and immediately rushed into the washroom to wash her face.

Liam glanced at Helen coldly and asked, “Why are you here?”

“My dear Liam, please listen to me. You can’t get a divorce with Winona. Zachary and Hannah are already so grown up and you must provide them a loving home…”

“It’s normal for husbands and wives to quarrel…you should spend more time at home…”

“If you are here to talk about this, I guess you can leave now.” Liam sneered.

The divorce agreement letter has already been given to Winona.

It’s her choice whether to sign or not.

However, what was done, was done. Liam was going to get a divorce from her no matter what.

Liam’s face darkened and pushed Helen out of his office without giving her a chance to finish her words.

When Winona came out from the washroom, Liam ruthlessly pushed her to the door and closed the office door with a loud bang.

The employees outside pretended to be busy with work, but actually, some of them took out their smartphones to film them secretly.

Winona’s face turned red, “Liam Crawford, open the door!”

While in the office, Liam pressed a button on the telephone and muttered a few words.

In just a few minutes, two security guards came and sent Winona and Helen out of the building!

Both of them were extremely embarrassed as there were a lot of people staring at them.

“This is too much. I am his mother-in-law. How can he do this to his mother-in-law?!”

Winona felt agitated. Lilly’s drawing sent shivers down her spine.


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