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Spoiled By The CEO: Why The Wife Is Kinda Sweet? novel Chapter 530

Ally knew this did not forebode well, but she didn’t dare to irritate the driver. Fighting back her fear, she said, “Then how much do you want?”

Leering at Ally, the driver reached out and touched her smooth cheek. He chuckled and said, “Let’s not talk money. Girl, I just want you to be with me tonight.”

As he spoke, he leaned over to take Ally’s clothes off.

Shocked and enraged, Ally watched that hand approach her and felt sick. While struggling, she snarled, “Don’t go too far! I know all taxi drivers have registered their IDs in the police station. I’ll sue you for sexual harassment!”

The driver jeered and said, “Harassment? To other women, this is harassment. But to a slut like you, this is a treat!”

“What are you talking about?” Ally yelled.

“Humph! Do you think I don’t read the news? I recognized you the moment you got in my car. Two years ago, you traded sex for money. Why are you pretending to be virtuous now?”

When her shirt was ripped open, Ally screamed in horror and thrust the car door open with all her strength before falling out of the car.

She hit the ground hard. Her sleeve had been ripped up by the driver. Her knees were bleeding because of the fall. Yet, she had no time to check her injuries. She sprinted down the road as fast as she could.

“Help!” she cried.

She looked back and saw the driver chasing her.

She was instantly overwhelmed by terror. This place was too out-of-the-way. There were no cars or passers-by. Obviously, the driver chose to park here on purpose. With her strength, she couldn’t possibly outrun a man.

Ally thought desperately, “What do I do?

“What do I do now?”

She glanced around and noticed a forest on the front left. Her eyes lit up.

She contemplated, “Yes! Gotta hide in the woods! I’m slim. Perhaps I can take shelter there.

“Anyway, I’ll get caught if I keep running. Maybe hiding in the woods would work.”

Ally raced in the direction of that forest.

The forest was dark at night. The path could barely be seen. Thankfully, the bright moonlight has sifted through the leaves, so Ally could vaguely see the surrounding objects.

She ran for a long time. Suddenly, she tripped and fell on the earth.


Ally let out a brief yell of pain. But in less than a second, she covered her mouth with her hand, not making any more sounds.

With her eyes widened and her breathing bated, she watched the driver walk past from feet away. As he walked, he muttered to himself, “That d*mn girl is really fast! Gone in the blink of an eye. Where is she?”

Ally was squatting in the grass, not daring to breathe heavily. After searching the woods in vain, the driver headed back unwillingly. Ally finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Right at this moment, her phone rang.

Startled, Ally hastily held her purse tightly to block the ringtone. But it was too late. The ringing was particularly distinct in the quiet woods. She saw clearly that the driver paused and turned around.

“Crap!” Ally cried inwardly. She whipped around and broke into a run.

“D*mn! Stop there!”

The man’s furious roar sounded from behind. All was scared out of her wits. Yet, she could do nothing but run. Finally, she made it back to the road.

Suddenly, white light flashed in the front, which hurt Ally’s eyes. She tripped and fell again.

The driver seized this opportunity and caught up with her. With a hideous jeer on his face, he said, “Where can you escape now?”

Ally’s face turned ashen at once.

Just then, behind the white light, a black Hummer skidded to a halt as nimbly as a wild beast.

Ally’s eyes rounded. To her disbelief, Kevin and several bodyguards stepped out of the car.

Kevin’s face was stony. His sharp black suit was the same color as the darkness. He looked like a devil from hell. But to Ally, he was an angel from heaven.


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