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Surprised Wife With Twins novel Chapter 11

She felt pity for the kids' anticipation. They must have constantly been looking forward to this moment for the past six years.

"Right." Jennifer had a stirring of emotions in her heart and felt that she owed the children too much, "We won't be separated anymore."


Alfie was hopping cheerfully.

Ivan frowned in consideration.

He wanted to take up this responsibility as a father. He did not want to be misunderstood by the media and have them think he was as ungrateful as his father.

"Mommy, I'm sleepy." Alfie levelled his eyes, "Marry prepared a super beautiful children's room for us. Do you want to have a look?"

"Let's go." Diana pulled Jennifer towards the door, "There is a big wind chime, and it can sing!"

Jennifer was taken to the children's room.

It was indeed exquisitely decorated.

Seeing the children were happy, she felt relieved. Nothing was more important than her children in this world.

Even though she sacrificed her own happiness, it was worth it to let the children get it.

"Mommy, you have to sleep with daddy tonight." Alfie said understandingly, "You haven't seen each other for seven years. You must have lots to talk about, right?"

"So sweet." Jennifer stroked his head.

"Mommy." Diana tilted her little head, "Since you are married, you have to sleep with daddy tonight. There is no more room here."

"Aren't they worried too much?"

"Mommy, I'll take you to daddy's room." Alfie joyfully took Jennifer's hand and pushed her back into the main bedroom.

Ivan stood still with his hands in his pockets, emotionless.

The children let go of her hand, turned away and thoughtfully closed the door, which made Jennifer a bit nervous.

The two eyes converged in the bright light of the room.

Jennifer was embarrassed. She didn't want to sleep with Ivan.

"Now that we are married, it is written in the agreement to act as the loving couple when with children." Ivan's soft, scarlet sexy lips opened, "So sleeping together is sooner or later."

He then turned and went into the bathroom.

Hearing the sound of water, Jennifer turned to look in the direction of the bathroom, inexplicably nervous.

The man hiding for seven years was again together with her because of a marriage contract.

She was afraid it would be difficult to escape his tangle.

She couldn't divorce unless she did something that disgraced the Marsh family, but in that case she would never see the children again.

Ivan came out with the towel covering his lower part, which frightened Jennifer, so she turned around with her eyes covered and her heart thumping.


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