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Surprised Wife With Twins novel Chapter 15

Ivan was exuding aloofness and indifference. Only when he looked at the woman beside him did he reveal some tenderness in his eyes.

Not far away, Catherine, who was dressing in a mature style, saw this scene and felt very uncomfortable.

Being forced to get married made him make such a big joke?

The shutters kept clicking and flashlight snapping non-stop, as the reporters took pictures from all angles. It was the first time that Ivan did not hate being photographed.

The guests were also attracted by them. Everyone whispered and some got envied.

Until Mya, the protagonist of the banquet, protested, "Enough! No more shooting for them! I am the protagonist of today!"

Only then did the reporters turn around to photograph her, after all, they took their money!

"Mya, your necklace is really beautiful, is it custom-made?" A noble lady with good taste asked with a smile.

Someone added, "I seem to have seen this necklace at the Milan jewelry fair. It seems to be... the latest masterpiece of Emma? It is not something that money can buy easily."

Mya smiled and looked at Jennifer with a proud face.

While Jennifer retracted her gaze on purpose, she turned to Ivan and said, "Let's go. Don't steal her limelight here."

In fact, Ivan has a doubt, how could a woman who has been helping the poor in the village for a long time know the mayor's daughter?

And it looks like they had a good relationship.

Mya saved the guests from curiosity, "Yes, it is Emma's design. The new trend is low-key luxury, and the style is relatively simple but elegant. I didn't expect you to like it too."

Stepping forward, Jennifer accidentally saw a tall and elegant middle-aged man not far away. The familiar outline shocked her slightly.

21 years without seeing each other...

But he was still the same as she remembered, except for the deepened wrinkles on his face.

Jennifer watched him blankly. He clinked glasses, chatted, and laughed with friends. She watched him slightly raised his head and drank the wine in the glass.

He seems to be in good physical condition.

This man touched the softest part of her heart, causing her to lose her mind for a moment.

Ivan followed her sight and found that her attention were attracted by Zack Clarke.

They have some collaborations, so he knew this man.

Do they know each other too?

Jennifer saw the popular star Georgia Clarke hand the wine glass to Zack, and smiled and held his arm, to accompany him to toast with the elders.


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