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Surprised Wife With Twins novel Chapter 33

Hearing the sound, Alfie ran over.

The two little boys grabbed Diana's arm, still asking boring questions.

"Let go of my sister! "

Alfie pulled the two little boys' arms away, roaring, "Only cowards would bully a girl!"

One boy stood firm, stepped forward and kicked on Alfie's abdomen.

Luckily, he dodged fast, "How dare you hit me?" Alfie let go of Diana's hand, pounced on the boy and directly scratched his face.

"Ouch!" The boy screamed in pain. Alfie was as agile as a cat.

"Jackson, are you okay? " The other boy was frightened and rushed to hold him.

Diana went forward to pull Alfie, "Stop fighting! We promised mommy not to get into trouble! Just leave it!"

"It's not trouble. I'm teaching them a lesson." Alfie was angry, "I don't care who he is! If you bully my sister, you have to pay for it!"

"We aren't done yet!" The injured boy shouted, "I'll make you eat your words!"

Miss Amy hurried over. Seeing Jackson's bleeding face, she panicked.

He winced in pain, glaring at Alfie, "Just you wait!" A typical little bastard. He gasped and took out his phone to dial a number, "Mommy! You have to come to school! Someone hurt me!"

Diana looked scared as she grabbed Alfie's arm tighter, "Alfie!"

"Don't be afraid. He has mommy. We have daddy!" Alfie raised the tone of voice and also made a call!

Meanwhile, Ivan sat alone in the conference room.

Finnley stood outside the door. The critical video conference had just begun.

Ivan dressed in a suit, calm, elegant.

At the other end of the screen was a middle-aged French man, and they communicated in French all along.

"I think this project has great prospects after our evaluation so that you can consider it."


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