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Surprised Wife With Twins novel Chapter 9

Night had fallen. Cold winds were blowing. It was destined to be an unusual night.

Jennifer sneaked into the backyard and climbed over the wall! After being raped by Ivan, she learned some martial arts.

As soon as she landed on the floor, a bolt of lightning slashed above her head! It was blinding and terrifying.

Startled by the rolling thunder, Jennifer fell to the ground, her heart racing.

She felt like in a horror movie.

The demonic wind rustled the leaves, messed her hair, and flipped the corners of her skirt!

Jennifer hugged her arm. It was cold.

She saw the lights in the villa. The moment she stood up, pouring rain fell on her! She was soon all wet.

"Who?!" The guard rushed over quickly!

At the same time, someone rushed into the living room.

"Mr. Marsh, someone has climbed over the wall and entered the yard!"

In the well-decorated living room, the valuable crystal lamp emitted a brilliant light.

The light shone on the man on the sofa, making his face look more three-dimensional.

Ivan looked up at Jordan, caressing his watch, his thin lips flicking. "Take the kids upstairs."

The children, as puzzled as Jordan, obeyed Ivan's words and followed Jordan upstairs.

After a while, Jennifer was taken into the living room by two bodyguards.

Ivan sat firmly on the couch, looking at the woman, his eyes a bit cold and lazy.

He raised his hand. The bodyguard let go of Jennifer and left.

Jennifer felt weird standing in the bright light and being looked at by him.

She was drenched by the rain. Her black, soft hair was clinging to her cheeks like glue. Her wet clothes were dripping.

The wet clothes cling to her body, perfectly outlining her curves.


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