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The Abandoned Wife (Lucian) novel Chapter 2083

Chapter 2083 Extra 2

Roxanne only stayed in the hospital for three days before she returned to the manor.

Compared to the first time delivering Archie, Benny, and Estella, she felt the second time was as though unloading goods. Her bulky body became lighter, and her endocrine secretion wasn't a mess anymore.

After delivery, Sonya prepared all kinds of supplements for Roxanne to an overwhelming extent. Roxanne couldn't handle her mother-in-law's enthusiasm and asked her husband to talk to his mother about nutritional balance.

Soon after that, she started on the path to regaining her figure.

Naturally, the rest of her time was spent accompanying Seward and Noreen. It was hard-earned free time after she utilized her identity as a newborn mother.

The reason was the twins were much too pampered.

The entire Farwell family revolved around them. Every day, Lucian would carry them in each of his arms to bake under the sun to treat their jaundice. He would feed them baby formula at a fixed time each day and change their diapers. The process was enjoyable to him.

He even took up the position as a nursing teacher and taught Archie, Benny, and Estella how to care for their younger siblings and their different cries. His guesses were quite accurate.

After school, once Archie, Benny, and Estella arrived home, they would start to teach their younger siblings to speak and memorize poems, completely disregarding that the twins were mere babies.

Sonya's sole duty was to bathe the babies. She had specific steps and routines for the process, including the water temperature, the brightness of the lighting, the bathing routine, et cetera.

Every bath time, she would hum nursery rhymes to get the babies to laugh. Once the babies laughed, her mood would brighten for the whole day.

Sharing photos with her friends and showering praises on her newborn grandchildren had become her daily habit.

Elias had it the worst. He had always been the uptight parent yet amicable grandparent, so he couldn't find a definitive role. Being a good grandfather was his dream, but no one was willing to give him the opportunity. At last, he took up the role of a bottle disinfector and milk formula maker.

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