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The Amazing Son in Law The Charismatic Charlie Wade novel Chapter 22

After Charlie Wade went out the door, he understood that Claire Wilson really did not go far. She was bending in the corner of a column, sobbing in complaint.

He approached gradually, took his coat off, curtained it on Claire Wilson and also claimed, “Beloved, do not be sad. The supervisor of Wilson Group is just an average placement, you can do much better than that …”.

” No, you don’t comprehend. If I come to be the director, my moms and dads will certainly have the ability to stand upright in the family once again. Just how could Granny stab in the back her word …” Claire Wilson whined dejectedly.

Charlie Wade proceeded, “Who recognizes? Maybe they’ll come pleading you to become the supervisor. Consider you with your cry infant face, you won’t be rather when you go on phase later on …”.

” No other way, it’s difficult. Grandma has actually already made the news, there’s no reversing. You proceed, return inside. Let me be alone …”.

Currently, Woman Wilson as well as Harold ran out of the hall also. The old lady was puffing after running, with a large crowd of busy bodies behind her to enjoy the dramatization unravel.

Harold saw Charlie Wade and also Claire Wilson the min he tipped outside. He rushed onward, overlooked at Claire Wilson whose face was covered in tears, and blurred anxiously, “Claire Wilson Wilson, hurry up and seek Miss Youthful, ask her not to end our agreement!”.

Claire Wilson looked at him in a daze. “Terminate our agreement? Why?”.

Harold roared indignantly, Stop claiming! It has to be you who had instructed Miss Young to shame me before everybody! If you do not resolve this, I won’t allow you go!”.

Slap! Woman Wilson put Harold Again and scolded angrily, “How Might you talk to your sister like that, you bastard! She is the director of our Wilson Team!”.

Harold stomped anxiously.” Granny … didn’t you state that you want me to be the supervisor?”.

” If it wasn’t for you brainwashing me, why would I Have transformed my mind suddenly? If you continue to act similar to this, leave the Wilson family!”.

Harold was extremely annoyed after being slapped two times, however this was not the moment for him to burst in fury. He can only swallow his irritability.


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