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The Amazing Son in Law The Charismatic Charlie Wade novel Chapter 6191

Chapter 6191 
At this time, Jacob had regarded Master Orvel as the last straw. 
Although he always mentioned Charlie in his conversations with Ervin and President Pei, 
As if he would call Charlie every minute, he actually did not dare to call Charlie for this kind of thing. Asking for help. 
After all, what he was doing was deceiving people. 
How could he talk to Charlie about this kind of thing? 
Opening their mouth to Charlie meant that his daughter also got to know about it. 
What would the young couple think of him? 
From now on, won’t he have to keep his head down and behave at home? 
Therefore, now he can only seek help from Orvel to see if he can help. 
But what he didn’t know was that Orvel was beside Charlie at this time. 
Charlie has already predicted Jacob’s next move. 
When his father-in-law finds that he cannot suppress Ervin, 
He will definitely find a way to find someone who can suppress Ervin. 
Orvel became the best candidate at this time! 
For Sure. 
Orvel’s cell phone rang soon. 
The caller was none other than Jacob. 
He did not answer the phone in a hurry, but looked at Charlie and asked carefully: 
“Master Wade, will I follow your instructions later?” 
Charlie nodded. 
Orvel asked again: “In terms of tone and attitude, do you want to be a little gentler?” 
“No,” Charlie said lightly: 
“He never understands what it means to give up on good terms.” 
“I introduced you two to each other.” 
“I asked you to support him because I wanted him to be more relaxed in this city and gain some face when socializing outside.” 
“But this time he did go too far.” 
“If this continues, I am afraid that my father-in-law will go further and further away.” 
“You have to use some force to get him back on track.” 
Orvel said hurriedly: “Okay, Master Wade, I understand.” 
After that, he pressed the answer button and turned on the speaker at the same time. 
As soon as the call came through, Jacob couldn’t wait to say: 
“Mr. Hong, it’s me, Jacob, Mr. Hong!” 
Orvel hummed and said, “Mr. Mr. Willson, do you have something to do with me?” 
Jacob said hurriedly: “That’s, Mr. Hong, That guy Ervin posted a message on WeChat.” 
“I wonder if you saw it?” 
Orvel said calmly: “Yes, what happened?” 
“Although it is almost the actual situation, the key point is that Ervin came up with this deceptive idea.” 
“I was completely deceived by him and dragged into the water.” 
“Now that he has posted such a post on Moments, it has a very bad impact on me.” 
“President Pei of our association came all the way to ask me for an explanation.” 
“If I can’t give a reasonable explanation, my position in the Painting and 
Calligraphy Association may be insecure…” 
Orvel said with a somewhat cold voice: 
“Mr. Mr. Willson, what you did is really too shameless.” 
“I scolded Ervin as soon as I knew it!” 
“I asked him to post that in the Moments!” 
Jacob asked in surprise: “Mr. Hong, Why are you doing this? Are you and Zhou 
Liangyun good friends?” 
Orvel said: “I have no friendship with Zhou Liangyun Mr. Willson.” 
Jacob was even more puzzled and asked quickly: 
“Then why are you going towards that Zhou Liangyun?” 
He said coldly: “In the past two years, I have been trying my best to clean up my image.” 
“I rarely interfere in the affairs of the world, and I try not to do illegal business.” 
“Now everyone in the city knows that Ervin is my worker.” 
“But my worker did such a dirty thing behind my back. Doesn’t this mean he poured dirty water on me?” 
Jacob didn’t expect Orvel’s words to be so serious. He was shocked and hurriedly explained: 
“No. I’m sorry, Mr. Wu, I really didn’t expect that this matter would have a bad impact on you…” 
“It’s all that Ervin’s fault! I didn’t even know about Zhou Liangyun’s return,” 
“But he rushed to tell me, and why? He took the initiative to formulate such a plan,” 
“And I was tricked by him. You have to make the decision for me!” 
Orvel said calmly: “Mr. Willson, I have already punished Ervin, and he has also gone to apologize to Zhou Liangyun.” 
“This matter has been overturned by me?” 
Jacob said hurriedly: “Mr. Hong, I am also very stressed now.” 
“I beg you to do me a favor for the sake of my son-in-law Charlie and let Ervin take me out of this matter.” 
“I will be in big trouble, and I might even be arrested…” 
Orvel said: “Mr. Willson, although I respect Master Wade very much,” 
“But if you want me to be unconscionable in this matter, then I definitely can’t do it.” 
When Jacob heard this, his heart was filled with despair, and he couldn’t help but choke up, and begged: 
“Mr. Hong, I beg you to help me. If you don’t, it will really be over…” 
Orvel was silent for a moment and sighed: 
“Hey! Forget it! For Master Wade’s sake, I will help you this time.” 


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