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The Amazing Son in Law The Charismatic Charlie Wade novel Chapter 6297

Chapter 6297 
Hearing that Zhongquan wanted to stay in Aurous Hill for a longer time, 
The happiest person turned out to be Charlie’s uncle Nicolas. 
He couldn’t help but laugh and said, 
“Brother Wade, you might as well live in this house.” 
“There are still empty rooms.” 
“Living together, we can have a drink, and reminisce about the past,” 
“And chat about family matters.” 
Zhongquan said, “Brother An,” 
“I won’t live at home. It’s too disturbing.” 
“It’s more convenient to live in Shangri-La.” 
“If you want to have a drink, reminisce about the past, and chat about family matters, I can come over anytime.” 
“The journey is not far and the transportation is convenient.” 
Nicolas wanted to persuade him, but Charlie said directly, 
“Grandpa, I asked Mr. Chen to buy these villas in the hillside of Champs Elysees.” 
“Except for the one next door, which I occasionally use, the others are all empty.” 
“I asked Orvel to arrange someone to prepare a set for you.” 
“It happens that Orvel spends most of his time at the foot of the mountain.” 
“I asked him to come and take care of your daily life.” 
“If you want to live in the city, let Orvel take you there directly.” 
Zhongquan smiled and said, “Okay, okay, this is more convenient!” 
“Since tomorrow’s press conference will be held at Shangri-La,” 
“I will live there tonight and move here after the press conference.” 
“The environment here is good and much quieter than Eastcliff.” 
“Charlie, just ask Orvel to drive a car for me.” 
“You don’t have to take care of my daily life.” 
“I am in good health now and can live alone.” 
Nicolas on the side couldn’t help asking him, 
“Brother Wade, why didn’t you bring one or two children to take care of you when you came to Aurous Hill this time?” 
Zhongquan looked at Charlie, and then said to Nicolas, 
“Don’t be afraid to say it out loud and make you laugh.” 
“When the Cataclysmic Front attacked us before,” 
“Among the descendants of the Wade family, except Charlie, there was no one with a backbone.” 
“They were all cowards who were greedy for life and afraid of death.” 
“Later, Charlie subdued the front and asked them one by one to live in the ancestral tomb place to mourn for the ancestors of the Wade family.” Nicolas dropped his jaw in shock and blurted out, 
“All of them?” 
“Yes.” Zhongquan laughed awkwardly: 
“Son, daughter, grandson, and those relatives with the surname Wade.” 
“All went. Except for my daughter who was specially allowed by Charlie to take care of my food and daily life in Eastcliff,” 
“No one else can leave the place within three years without Charlie’s permission.” 
Nicolas widened his eyes and glanced at Charlie subconsciously. 
Seeing that Charlie had a calm face as if what he said had nothing to do with him, he tentatively asked Zhongquan: 
“Brother Wade, with so many people there,” 
“The business of the Wade family should be greatly affected, right?” 
Hearing Nicolas’s question, Zhongquan smiled awkwardly: 
“The shame is here. After these people handed over the business, they handed it over to professional managers according to Charlie’s wishes.” 
“There are strict performance appraisals and reward and punishment standards for these professional managers.” 
“As a result, the original business rules, scale, and profit margin have continued to rise,” 
“And the cost has also been reduced a lot.” 
“Although the salaries of those professional managers are also very high,” 
“They are much lower than the salaries and benefits that the Wade family provides to their own people.” 
“It is equivalent to reducing costs and increasing efficiency,” 
“So it is good for those people to stay there in the Mountain.” 
Nicolas did not expect such an answer. 
He smiled helplessly and said, “Sometimes, we are indeed negligent in managing and restraining our own people.” 
“This is also a stubborn problem faced by many families.” 
Zhongquan smiled and said, “I figured it out later.” 
“If our family members don’t have this ability, let them just sit back and enjoy the achievements.” 
“They don’t have to stay in their original positions and eat for nothing.” 
“Instead, give the positions to capable people, and they only need to sacrifice a part of the dividend ratio.” 
“If capable people can make the income base higher,” 
“They don’t have to work, but can earn more.” 
Nicolas nodded in agreement and said, “This is also a good way to solve the problem.” 
Zhongquan smiled and said, “I have let it go now.” 
“Although the Wade family is not as big as the An family now,” 
“It has already allowed all the Wade family members and the Wade family’s relatives and backbones to achieve financial freedom.” 
“As long as they manage the money in their hands well,” 
“They can live a life of luxury.” 
“So now the Wade family does not need to bear any excessive responsibilities and burdens for them.” 


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