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The Amazing Son in Law The Charismatic Charlie Wade novel Chapter 6300

Chapter 6300 
Charlie, who was in Aurous Hill, and his mother Margaret, who was far away in Putuo Mountain, were both sleepless all night. 
When Claire woke up, she saw Charlie lying beside her with his eyes open, 
And subconsciously asked him: “Husband, when did you wake up?” 
Charlie, who had been thinking about random things, didn’t even notice that Claire had woken up. 
He came back to his senses when he heard her speak, and hurriedly said: 
“I just woke up a while ago, and I’m still confused.” 
Claire asked with concern: “Didn’t you sleep well last night?” 
“Not really.” Charlie smiled and said, 
“Maybe I just woke up a little early.” 
“I drank some wine with my clients last night, and my brain hasn’t recovered yet.” 
Claire nodded and suddenly remembered something. 
Her face blushed and she said shyly: 
“Honey, I dreamed of you last night.” 
Charlie pretended to be surprised and asked him: 
“What did you dream about me?” 
Claire said: “At first I dreamed that we went to dinner together.” 
“Elsa was at the dinner table.” 
“Elsa had a new boyfriend and said she would bring him to us.” 
“As a result, as soon as we sat down to eat, you suddenly asked me a question…” 
Charlie roughly guessed what was going on, 
But he could only pretend to be stupid and asked her: 
“What did I ask you?” 
Claire hesitated for a moment, her eyes evasive, and said: 
“I forgot the details.” 
“It seemed quite inappropriate.” 
“Elsa also teased me. I felt very embarrassed in the dream at that time…” 
Charlie smiled awkwardly and said: “Fortunately, it was just a dream,” 
“Under normal circumstances, I will definitely not ask irrelevant questions when there are outsiders around me. “ 
Claire nodded and smiled, “Dreaming is not very appropriate.” 
As she said that, Claire sat up, stretched his waist, and said, 
“Husband, I have to go to Emgrand Group this morning.” 
“Do you have any plans in the afternoon?” 
Charlie shook his head: “I don’t have any plans, what’s wrong?” 
Claire said: “There is a press conference at Shangri-La in the afternoon.” 
“The An family in the United States and the Wade family in Eastcliff seem to be announcing a major cooperation together.” 
“One of my clients happens to be in the financial media. She will attend this press conference in the afternoon.” 
“There are many media invited to this press conference, and each media has given a lot of places.” 
“It just so happens that their unit can vacate two places.” 
“I want to be part of the event. Do you want to accompany me?” 
Charlie was a little surprised. 
He didn’t expect Claire to want to watch the press conference in the afternoon. 
Originally, he also planned to go to Shangri-La to attend an internal meeting in the morning, 
And then be a spectator in the media seats during the press conference in the afternoon. 
Unexpectedly, his wife was also interested in this press conference. 
He asked curiously, “Wife, you didn’t seem to like to join in the fun before,” 
“Why do you suddenly want to go to the press conference today?” 
Claire said seriously, “The Wade family in Eastcliff is one of the strongest in the country.” 
“The Emgrand Group is actually theirs.” 
“As for the An family, I don’t know if you have heard of them.” 
“They are the most powerful Chinese family in the world, much stronger than Miss Fei’s family.” 
“They have been developing in the United States before and rarely made any moves in China.” 
“However, these two families have decided to invest in Aurous Hill together.” 
“Everyone who cares about the development of Aurous Hill wants to know what industry they are going to invest in Aurous Hill.” 
“And it is certain that the two families will join forces and it will definitely be a big investment!” 
Claire said again: “I heard that the transactions of new and second-hand houses in 
Aurous Hill have basically stagnated in the past few days.” 
“The developers of new projects and the sellers of second-hand houses are now waiting for this press conference.” 
“Once the two families really announce that they will cooperate to develop a super project in Aurous Hill, the rise in housing prices in Aurous Hill is inevitable,” 
“And the closer the property is to the project, the greater the increase will be.” 
“Now the details of the cooperation have not been announced, and no one knows where this big benefit will fall.” 
“Everyone is afraid of selling houses at a loss, so they are waiting.” 
Charlie couldn’t help but sigh: 
“I didn’t expect that these two families coming to Aurous Hill to invest would have such a big impact on Aurous Hill’s housing prices.” 
Claire smiled and said, “We will know how big the impact is after today’s press conference,” 
“So husband, are you free this afternoon?” 
“Yes.” Charlie nodded and said, “I’ll go with you!” 


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