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The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises by Novia Ford novel Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Hedy Was So Handsome 

Hedy unlocked her phone and opened “BiTu Gaming”. 

What came into view was an event promotion. 

It had the words “BiTu Gaming’s first Best Female Escort Selection is in progress”. 

Next to the text, there were several photos of young girls with different styles, and their nicknames in the entertainment circle were attached to the lower right corner of the photos. 

Hedy clicked on the advertisement, and the web page redirected to a more detailed event introduction page, 

“BiTu Gaming is one year old! On this occasion, BiTu Gaming has specially launched the first Best Female Escort Player selection event. 

“Who is your favorite companion to play with, bosses? Come here to pick her up! 

“Winners can participate in the lively and grand game carnival!” 

Below the introduction, there were more pictures of escort players, and each female escort player had the option of “pick”. 

Hedy fixed her eyes on the word “bosses”. 

The bosses referred to the game crowd who spent money to play with escort players. 

“Hedy, are you going to participate in this event?” Seeing Hedy 

carefully reading the precautions related to the event, Sun asked in a 

Chapter 32 Hedy Was So Handsome 

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low voice. 

“Yes.” Hedy’s eyes flickered. 

Since the mission issued by the system was to let her win the title of “Best Female Escort Player”, she was naturally going to participate. 

“Then you’d better hurry up. The deadline for registration is noon. today.” Sun urged. 

Hedy nodded, entered the personal center, and clicked the “Sign up for 

the event” button. 

The original owner had already registered the company information, and her nickname was Hedy. 

She had just participated in the event, and the students in Class 7 took out their mobile phones to open the BiTu Gaming event page, searched for the name “Hedy”, and gave her a pick. 

Students who did not have the “BiTu Gaming” software on their mobile phones downloaded it and registered on the spot, and picked Hedy too. 

“BiTu Gaming users can only cast one vote per day, which is similar to our school’s ranking list. Hedy is now ranked 239th.” Sun shook his phone. His silver hair was dazzling in the morning sun. 

“I see.” Hedy thought about the plan after signing up. 

She had played games, but there was no profession of “escort play” then, let alone a software app dedicated to escort business. 

She didn’t know much about this business, but as the name suggested, she was going to lead the paying bosses to win the game. 

This would be easily done with her technique. 

Chapter 12 Hedy Was So Handsome 

Sun cleared his throat lightly and said in a low voice, “I ledy, I ordered you just now. Would you like to play a round of Call of Duty with met before class?” 

As soon as he finished it, a sweet female prompt sounded from the background of Hedy’s account, “You have a new play order. Please check and reply in time.” 

The system told her that a user named “Silver Blood” had placed an order for her, hoping to play Call of Duty with her, and the price was 3 dollars a round. 

“3 dollars” was Hedy’s accompanying price. 

She had just entered the industry. BiTu Gaming stipulated that Call of Duty escort players who had just entered the industry could only bid. this price. 

As for the name “Silver Blood”… 

Hedy looked up at Sun. 

Sun confidently fiddled with his white-dyed hair, and said jokingly, “That’s right. It’s me.” 

Silver blood, how noble and elegant it sounded! 

Hedy smiled slightly. She quit BiTu Gaming, opened Call of Duty, and said calmly, “Let’s play a round to try it out.” 

She hadn’t played the game for a long time. 

After waiting patiently for a while, Hedy finally loaded into the game. 

Sun’s trendy mobile phone was different. It took three seconds to enter the game interface, and the screen rendering was much better than Hedy’s knockoff phone. 

Chapter 32 Hedy Was So Hands 

The two befriended each other, accepted the invitation to form a team and enter the matching queue. 

The game required 100 players to start the game. 

Fortunately, there were so many players in this game. Within a second, it showed that the match was successful, and entered the map loading interface. 

At the end of the reading, the special forces played by Hedy and Sun appeared on the plane. 

Sun’s male character was very cool. 

In the game, his character was also white-haired, very flamboyant with sunglasses, ‘wearing a mink coat and leather shoes. 

The game nickname above the character’s head was also “Silver Blood”. 

“This set cost me thousands of dollars! Am I handsome?!” Sun said proudly. 

Hedy’s female character was much simpler. 

It was a novice outfit with a gray T-shirt and a pair of black jeans. She was a girl with a single ponytail and bare feet. 

The nickname above her head was “Cold-blooded Childe”. 

This name had been randomly selected by the system when the character was created, and additional money was required to change the name. 

“Hedy, where should we skydive on this route?” Sun opened the map. 

There were large and small housing areas and buildings on the map, 

Chapter 32 Hedy Was So Handsome 

some with names and some without names. 

“The main city.” Hedy pointed. 

“So tough?” Sun widened his eyes. 

The main city was the central area of the entire map, rich in resources. 

The geographical location was in the center, and there was no need to run extreme running, so it was the best place for skydiving in the hearts of many players. 

Many people were skydiving here, and there were even more masters. 

A rookie skydiving here was doomed. 

He’d rarely skydived to the main city! 

But since Hedy wanted to skydive here, he couldn’t be stage frighten! 

The two of them parachuted together, heading to the main city. 

“There are so many people!” Sun flew in the air, adjusted his viewing angle to look left and right, and found that there were people everywhere in the air. 

Everyone’s destination was the main city! 

In the public microphone, a player provoked, “Come to the main city for a gun battle. Whoever flinches is a coward!” 

A gun battle referred to a playing mode where the players did not look for cover and fought each other with guns in hand, risking their lives. with marksmanship. 

“Damn you, I’m no coward. Bring it on!” Someone cursed. 

Outside the game, Sun frowned, “Hedy, let’s jump to the side. It’s too 


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