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The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises by Novia Ford novel Chapter 34

Chapter 34 How Strong Could Hedy Be? 

“Just tell me what you want me to do. I’ll help you if I can.” Ace liked. his cousin very much. 

“It has something to do with Hedy,” Sun mentioned Hedy. 

“Oh? It’s the girl who brought down Lisa and her son, beat up the gangster Tom, taught Class 7, helped Class 7 play drums, beat 19 high school students in the chess league, and defeated the president of the San Francisco Chess Association Jackson?” 

Ace raised his eyebrows. 

He knew Hedy so well because of his cousin’s admiration for Hedy. 

Sun had talked about Hedy a lot on social platforms. 

“What did Hedy do today?”, “Hedy is so cool”, “I want to be like Hedy”, etc. 

Sun looked like a fanatic fan of Hedy, but he had indeed changed himself under the influence of Hedy, and his academic performance had improved a lot. 

So Ace was happy to help Hedy. 

“She is currently an escort player on Call of Duty. She has signed up for the ‘Best Female Escort Player’ selection. 

“But her popularity is too low, and no one picks her. Ace, I hope you can help her during the live streaming to increase her popularity.” 

Sun told the truth about his plan. 

Chapter 34 How Strong Could Hedy Be? 

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“What a coincidence! I happen to be short of a female escort player in tonight’s team. Give her my game nickname and ask her to befriend me. I’ll ask her to join the team.” Ace nodded in agreement. 

But he didn’t tell his cousin that Sunny was the appointed “Best Female Escort Player”. 

This was an industry secret. 

“Okay, but I have to warn you. Hedy is very awesome. Your fans in the live streaming room may be attracted by her.” Sun’s tone was very 


“Okay, I see,” Ace said so, but he didn’t take it seriously. 

In his opinion, a female senior high school student who could take care of her studies, drums, and chess at the same time was already very busy 

There was not much time left. Even if it was all used to play games to hone skills, how strong could Hedy be? 

It must be that his cousin Sun was too bad himself. So when he met a girl who was slightly better than himself, he called her “awesome”. 

He could understand. 

Speaking of awesome female players, Sunny from BiTu Gaming could be counted as one of them. Otherwise, the platform would not promote her. 

No matter how awesome this girl Hedy was, could she surpass Sunny who played games intensively every day? 

There was no need to tell Hedy about the script. 

First, he was afraid that it would be criticized by others once the word 

Chapte 34 How Strong Could Hedy Bet 


Second, he felt that even if there was one less person, the script could continue to be performed, and it would not be a big problem. 

It was getting dark and the lights were on. 

At King Family villa, Hedy turned on the computer in the guest room, downloaded and logged into the “Call of Duty” game. 

According to the message Sun had sent her, she searched for his cousin Ace’s nickname in the “Search for Players” column and sent a friend request. 

Ace, who had already started the live streaming on Bigo Live, chatted with the audience and fans while paying attention to the friend request notification in the game. 

Ace was a well-known live streamer, and many players befriended him every day. He could distinguish which one was Hedy among a row of messy nicknames. 

He had forgotten to ask his cousin for Hedy’s game nickname. 

But for girls, game nicknames were easy to find. 

Nicknames, such as “Little Sweetie”, “Honey Romance”, and “Darling Fairy”, etc. were female players. 

If he really couldn’t find it, he would contact Sun. 

At this time, a new friend request notification came. 

The notification showed that the player “Cold-blooded Childe” had requested to be his friend. 

“Cold-blooded Childe? Good lord! This man was stupid enough to get 

Chapter 34 How Strong Could Hedy Bet 

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himself this name. Ace complained while rejecting the friend request. 

The nickname made the audience in the live streaming room burst into laughter. 

Everyone defaulted to “Cold-blooded Childe” as a man. 

Hedy frowned when she saw that her friend request was rejected. 

Sun’s cousin made a mistake? 

He should have known her nickname from Sun. 

She sent the friend request again. 

On Bigo Live, Ace refused again and said in an unhappy tone, “Why are you still trying after I rejected you?” 

As soon as he said that, the third friend request from “Cold-blooded. Childe” came over. 

“Damn it!” Ace got angry, “Why is this idiot keeping befriending me?” 

At this time, a sweet girlish voice came from the live streaming room, “Maybe it’s your loyal fan?” 

As soon as this sound came out, the number of bullet screens doubled. 

“It’s Sunny’s voice! The live streamer ordered Sunny!” 

“I’ve played with Sunny. She’s super awesome and she’s super accurate with marksmanship!” 

“In this selection of ‘Best Female Escort Player’, Sunny is most popular!” 

“Nonsense! Sunny is a rare and serious female escort player in BiTu Gaming. She never flirts with the bosses and only speaks with her 

Chapter 34 How Strong Could Hedy 

strength. Also, she is beautiful and has a sweet voice. Which boss doesn’t like her?!” 

“That’s right. I ordered Sunny, the most popular female escort player from BiTu Gaming. She is in my chat channel with another girl. Now there is another female escort player, Hedy, who hasn’t shown up. I’ll urge her a little.” 

Ace took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Sun, “Ask Hedy to come to my chat channel.” 

After sending the message, he raised his head and continued to interact with the audience and fans in the live streaming room. 

He planned to wait for Hedy to come to the channel, and directly ask her for her game nickname. 

Two minutes later, there was a female person added to the chat channel, and it was Hedy. 

“Hedy, it’s it you? Can you tell me your nickname?” Ace greeted warmly, “Before you came, a person with a super stupid name insisted on befriending me. It was so hilarious.” 

A calm female voice came from the chat channel, “Cold-blooded Childe.” 

Ace froze. 

The bullet screens in the live streaming room also froze for a moment. 

Then the screen was full of “haha”, and the effect of the program was achieved. 

“You’ve got a very unique name.” Ace reluctantly smoothed things over, befriended Hedy, and included her in his team. 

Chapter 34 How Strong Could Hedy Bet 

At this time, there were four players in the room, one male and three female. 


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