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The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises by Novia Ford novel Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Apologize to Ms. Ellis on Your Knees

The students turned everything upside down

The vice principal let out a sigh of relief and angrily exclaimed, Hedy, you hit and insulted your classmate and a trustee, and now you want to lie to us? As the vice principal, I’m expelling you. Any problem with that?” 

No problem at all!Jack was the first to chime in

Lisa’s face twisted with a sinister expression as she stared at Hedy. If you don’t apologize to me and my son, don’t you even think about leaving Lowell High School on your feet!” 

The vicious tone sent shivers down the spines of many in the square

It was hard for them to describe their current mood

They knew that Lisa and Jack were lying, they knew that the students from Class 12-2 were lying, and they knew that the vice principal was favoring Trustee Jones

But there was nothing they could do

They felt a surge of anger within them

They were angry that someone who was a victim was labeled as the perpetrator

They were angry that a student who was in the right was expelled by the vice principal

They were angry that a girl who had done nothing wrong was being 




Chapter 6 Apologize to Ms. Ellis on Your Kneest 

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forced to apologize

They felt as if a dark cloud loomed over their heads, enveloping the school in its seamless grasp

The morals from the textbooks were eroded, and the principles on the blackboard were erased, leaving only the crimson laughter of Lisa and Jack, along with the flattering smile on the vice principal’s face

Was thisreality

In the somber atmosphere, Hedy let out a cold laugh, like the first ray of golden light that pierced through the boundless darkness of the early morning

She said, Lisa, I admire your confidence, but you’d better go discuss with your husband how to respond to the investigation into your family’s products being reported for cutting corners.” 

The viciousness on Lisa’s face faded away as she heard it, replaced by guilt and shock

How did Hedy know about this

But even if she knew, what could she do

Lisa maintained her tough demeanor and retorted, What does that have to do with you? That’s none of your business. We can handle it!” 

It indeed has nothing to do with me. I just happened to have my phone in my pocket, and I recorded everything that has happened to me since I entered Lowell High School until now. And by the way, I’ve uploaded it to the backend of the largest video platform in this country, and I’m ready to release it.” 

Hedy took out her phone and played the recorded video




Chapter 6 Apologize to Ms. Ellis on Your Knees

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The video had low resolution because Hedy was using a knockoff phone, but it captured the entire process

Through the small and square screen, one could see Jack insulting Hedy, Hedy retaliating with a brutal beating, and then calling for his mother to intervene, only to get beaten up as well

All the lies were exposed

Jack and Lisa felt embarrassed

The vice principal’s lips trembled

The students from Class 12-2 wished they could disappear underground

Who would have thought that Hedy, this supposedly foolish underachiever, had been recording the whole time

What kind of reaction do you think my video will receive if I release it?” 

Hedy walked past the vice principal and Lisa one by one, exuding a chilling and formidable aura, as if she were scolding a misbehaving child

At Lowell High School, the best elite private school in San Francisco, an entire class of students collectively lied and bullied a girl from the countryside, while the vice principal sided with the wrongdoers and turned a blind eye.” 

Will this absurd incident immediately make the headlines?” 

People will know that Smith Group cuts corners in their products and that its boss’s wife has teamed up with her son for campus bullying.” 

Will Smith Family’s competitors make a big fuss out of this?” 




Chapter & Apologize to Ms. Ellis on Your Knees

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No!Lisa couldn’t contain her anxiety

Her face turned pale, devoid of the previous arrogance and ruthlessness

Smith Family’s recent trouble was caused by their competitors, and their stocks had taken a considerable hit

In the past couple of years, campus bullying had become a hot topic. If this video fell into the hands of their rivals, it would spell disaster for Smith Family

Under the pressure of public opinion from multiple fronts, Smith Family would suffer severe damage, if not a complete downfall

Fine,Hedy said casually as if it were no big deal. Get down on your knees and beg me.” 

What?Lisa stood frozen in place, thinking she must have misheard

On your knees! Beg me!Hedy raised her voice, elongating the last syllable, and a sinister aura began to emanate from her eyes

I….. I’m a trustee, a San Francisco socialite, and my husband is the president of the Smith Group. How could I possibly kneel before you? How could ILisa shook her head repeatedly, showing strong resistance

Then prepare to end up in the streets,Hedy dismissed Lisa, turning away sharply

Before Hedy could take another step, Lisa dropped to her knees with a thud, pleading desperately

Hedy, please forgive us. It was our fault. We shouldn’t have messed with you. Please forgive us!” 





Chapter 6 Apologize to Ms. Ellis on Your Knees

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Compared to their future prosperity and wealth, what did a little dignity matter? Lisa didn’t want to become a beggar burdened with debts on the streets

Mom, what are you doing? Get up quickly. Don’t be fooled by Hedy!” 

Jack was completely bewildered. He just wanted to pull his mother up and avoid further embarrassment

He had no idea what was happening at home, nor did he understand the severity of the consequences that would follow once the video was released

You disrespectful brat! So, it was you who insulted Ms. Ellis, huh? Get down on your knees and apologize to Ms. Ellis!Lisa grabbed her son and delivered a slap to his face, something she had never been willing to do no matter the circumstances

With a fake smile on her face, Lisa knelt and kowtowed, pressing her son’s head down as she forced him to apologize to Hedy

The stark contrast between her lowly posture and her previous arrogance left everyone stunned and unable to digest the scene

Hedy didn’t rely on the Johnson Family. With her strength alone, she managed to deal with Lisa and Jack

Was this still the foolish and timid country bumpkin they knew

They looked at Hedy, expecting to see a satisfied or happy expression on her face

But what did they see

Hedy’s face showed no emotion

She gazed calmly, indifferently ahead, paying no attention to Lisa and 




Chapter 6 Apologize to Ms. Ellis on Your Knees

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her son kneeling behind her feet

Just like an emperor facing an ant, she wouldn’t care about what the ant had done or said! 

In fact, for the Queen of the Assassin world, Lisa’s existence was indeed no different from that of an ant

Hedy had killed nobles of higher status and had encountered underground organizations with greater power

The knowledge of Smith Group’s subpar products was also a result of her previous identity

There was a website for assassins to receive and assign tasks 

It brought assassins from all over the world. From assassinating a country’s president to stealing highly confidential formulas from corporations, all kinds of missions could be found there

Coincidentally, some time ago, she happened to come across a task that involved finding evidence of the Smith Group’s shoddy practices in San Francisco


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