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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 30

Chapter 30

In the office of Burton Group, Justin was reading the plans of a project from his laptop.

“Mr. Burton, our greatest competitor for the East Pearl Project this time is Imperial Group. They’ve already negotiated the terms for the piece of land, so it’s quite difficult for us to overtake them at this moment.”

Frankie’s voice, which was filled with worry, came forth from behind the laptop.

Justin said, “Easy doesn’t exist in building a business.”

Frankie chewed on Justin’s words.

Burton Group was an established company, so their competitors would naturally be powerful too. Moreover, an insignificant competitor would not possibly show up in front of Justin.

Just as they were talking, Justin’s eyes darkened as he saw something on the laptop screen.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Burton?” Frankie’s heart skipped a beat as he started worrying for the staff in the engineering department. “Is there a problem with the plan?”

It was only after seeing the laptop screen, which was turned around by Justin, did Frankie come to a sudden realization.

The screen showed Justin’s mailbox. Half a minute ago, he received an anonymous email that only contained a picture, and the content of the picture was…

Frankie’s expression turned sullen. “Mr. Burton, this picture…”

Rachel and Julian were visibly seen in the picture, and the pair was in a treatment room. Julian was holding Rachel’s hand while checking on her with his head lowered.

Justin stared fixedly at their hands which were held together and ordered coldly, “Look into the IP address and find the sender.”

Frankie shivered as a chill ran down his spine. “Yes, sir.”

Staring at the picture, Justin tapped the table with his finger. His eyes darkened more at the thought of the incidents that happened recently.

Although the Hudson Family had successfully swapped Rachel with Amber and made the former marry into the Burton Family, the outcome was not as well as they had expected.

On the other hand, Rachel’s eyelids had been twitching the whole afternoon, and she felt perturbed for some reason.

She stayed in the hospital until the evening. Just so happened, Julian was about to get off from work, so he fetched her home too.

The moment they arrived at the Burton Residence, Sue stopped them.

With a displeased look, Sue darted a glance at Rachel and said, “Julian, why did you guys come back together?”

Before Rachel could write something in her notebook, Julian had already spoken up to explain. “Coincidentally, I was done with work, so I drove her back. It’s just a small favor since we‘re relatives.”

“Who says she’s our relative?” Sue cast a disdainful glance at Rachel. “No one knows how long more she will be able to stay at ours. 1-”

“Mom.” Julian immediately interrupted Sue with a slightly sullen look.

Seeing Julian’s reaction, Sue had no choice but to clam up reluctantly and bite her tongue. “Alright, I’ll stop. It’s rare that you come home this early, so let’s spend some time together,” Sue said kindly.

Considering Rachel’s situation in the Burton Family, Julian nodded and turned to Rachel. “Rachel, go and have some rest first. I’ll call you when it’s time for dinner.”

Rachel looked at Sue hesitantly.

“Go ahead.” Sue wanted to talk to Julian and had no desire to be bothered with Rachel, so she waved her hands about and wanted Rachel to leave quickly as if she was a jinx.

Rachel was relieved.

After hearing the sound of the door closing from upstairs, Sue removed her disdainful look and peeled an apple for Julian, who was sitting across from her on the couch. After some small talk, she asked, “Julian, I heard Amber is now an intern in your hospital?”

“Mm-hmm.” Julian was a little absent-minded.

“Amber is the second daughter of the Hudson Family. Not only is she educated with a good family background, but she’s pretty and innocent too. I’ve met her before. She’s a kind girl. Do take care of her more since she’s working with you now.”


“Amber told me personally.” Sue sighed. “This afternoon, that girl came to me, weeping. She told me that an unpleasant incident happened in the hospital this morning and that youve misunderstood her. After hearing her explanation only did I realize how pitiful that girl is. She lost her mother at a young age. It must have been tough for her.”

So, it’s Amber.

“What do you mean? You,”


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